Arai announces Aoyama Replica Corsair-V

Arai has introduced a new mid-season addition to its 2009 street-helmet line. Called the Aoyama Replica, it is the design used by 250cc GP front-runner Hiroshi Aoyama, and is available on Arai’s new cutting-edge Corsair-V model. It will now be arriving in Arai dealers nationwide.

The bright red/black/grey graphic is designed "to match nothing, but go with everything." The Corsair-V that will carry the new Aoyama replica is Arai’s newest top-of-the line helmet, introduced just this year. Replacing the much-lauded RX-7 Corsair, Arai says the new model has so many innovations, patents and advancements over its predecessor that "they’re really not close in anything but the ‘Corsair’ name," said Brian Weston, Arai Americas’ Director of Operations.

There are no fewer than 11 new features on the new "5" (the V in Corsair-V’s name is the Roman numeral for the number 5) . The improvements cover every part of the helmet, from shell to interior to ventilation.

"We know it’s not a helmet for everybody, especially not in this economy," Weston concluded. "Come to think of it, no Arai is. Yet, after three generations of making helmets in a very special way, we know there are riders who can tell the difference. And yes, we know they’re expensive. That’s because it costs a lot to build each one."

The new Arai Aoyama Corsair-V is available in sizes XS-XXL, at a suggested retail of $899.95. Get all the details and information, as well as a Dealer Locator, at


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