Ducati Announces 2009 Ducati Riding Experience

Ignite your motorcycle passion with the 2009 Ducati Riding Experience.

Once again in 2009, the Ducati Riding Experience offers prestigious Ducati riding courses to all dedicated motorcycle fans. Participants can improve their riding technique or perhaps ride a motorcycle for the very first time with courses taking place at important international racetracks and instruction provided by a team of professional riders and highly qualified experts.

Following the same winning formula of recent years, the Ducati Riding Experience is not just a riding course but also a real Ducati learning experience, with a pool of 90 bikes prepared especially for the courses, a group of 30 professional riders and a support staff made up of more than 30 mechanics and assistants.

The 2008 season closed in a positive fashion and saw the inclusion of several new initiatives. It was possible to ride the Ducati 848 for example, an agile and lightweight but very powerful machine, or the Hypermotard on the intermediate courses, an extreme and fun bike that had immediate success in the market. Last but not least, the Monster 696, another success from the moment it launched, was used for the beginners courses and proved to be the ideal bike for those approaching the world of motorcycling for the first time, thanks to its agility and manageability.

In 2009 the aim is to match the high standards set last year, with the launch of further new initiatives such as the introduction of the 1198s, the technical evolution of the high-performing 1098, for those riding on the Master course. For DRE 2009 the S version will be used, a bike that, with 170cv of power, reflects better than any other machine the technology developed in the World Superbike Championship.

Thanks to the 1198 "Testastretta Evoluzione" engine, top of the range suspension, lightweight components and a racing-inspired traction control system designed for the road, this "made in Borgo Panigale" jewel is one more reason to take part in the Ducati riding courses.

The calendar and prices for the 2009 season are already on-line at www.ducati.com, with important Italian tracks hosting more dates than ever.


7-8 April Mugello

21-22 April Misano

6-7 May Adria

20-21 May Monza

17-18 June Adria

14-15 July Misano

8-9 September Adria


The Ducati riding courses offer a complete experience: on the one hand they give experienced riders the chance to improve their technique, their on-board safety and their level of performance on track while, on the other hand, riders enjoy an emotional experience and can feel the adrenalin and passion, riding alongside professional riders and champions such as Paolo Casoli, Marco Lucchinelli and Dario Marchetti.

Furthermore the Ducati courses are also offered to those individuals who have absolutely no riding experience but would like to ride on two-wheels for the first time. Beginners’ courses take place in a totally safe environment, led by a team of qualified instructors. As well as benefitting from the expertise of the instructors, participants are guaranteed to enjoy themselves!


Aimed at men and women who have never ridden a motorcycle before and who would like to take a first step into the biking world. The course comprises individual practical sessions and technical lessons and takes place in the paddock on board the Monster 696.

A maximum of 28 participants in each course will be divided into groups of 4 pupils. The courses involve practical sessions which teach the basics of riding (including starting, riding through a curve, braking) and basic theoretical lessons.

To participate in this course you do not need a A-class bike licence (A-class licence) but you do need to be at least 18 years of age.


This course is aimed at those who already have a good practical knowledge and who wish to improve their general ability and perfect their control of the bike when riding on the road. In 2009 Ducati focuses even more on safety, with exercises designed to improve riding technique and simulations carried out in the paddock. These lessons will improve the rider’s control of his bike and will teach pupils how to deal with possible dangerous situations that may arise when riding on the road.

A maximum of 42 participants in each course will be divided into groups of 6 pupils. After completing exercises in the paddock area, participants will be able to go out on track, in total safety, accompanied by instructors. In 2009 there will be 2 track sessions, during which the track will be occupied solely by the participants of this course.

The bikes used on this course are the Hypermotard 1100, the>and, from this year, the Monster 1100 with its charismatic 1100cc Desmodromic L-Twin engine, the latest arrival in the naked family.

In order to participate in this course one needs to have the A-class licence with no limitations regarding bike capacity.


This course is aimed at riders with no track experience or who have experience but would like to get back on track in secure surroundings. Ducati, always attentive when it comes to safety and quality, reserves the track solely for use by participants in this course with no other riders on track at the same time.


This course is aimed at expert riders and will take place at renowned circuits that play host to GP and SBK races.

Two track sessions are dedicated solely to participants on this course.

The Superbike 848 will be used for both of the courses on track, an agile bike it is ideal for track neophytes as well as for more expert riders as it is both lightweight and powerful. The 848, the expert instructors and the atmosphere provided by the circuit will all contribute to improving every rider’s ability.


For riders who want to find their limit and test performance to the max, Ducati proposes the Master Riding course on board the Superbike 1198 S, equipped with the jewel that is the Testastretta Evoluzione engine, and with Ducati Traction Control, as standard on the 1198 S version.

This course is aimed at expert riders who want to achieve optimum performance and is led by instructors who are also great champions, such as Paolo Casoli and Marco Lucchinelli.

Each group is made up of no more than three participants, so that each pupil receives maximum attention from the instructor and can enjoy an empty track in order to carry out the data acquisition test*. There is also an extra track session with respect to 2008 (with seven rather than six sessions). To participate in this course it is strongly recommended that the rider has already completed at least one course on track.

*SPECIAL ON-BOARD TEST: during the Master Riding course each pupil will have the chance to test his performance by completing a few laps of the track on board a 1198S equipped with a professional data acquisition system. The pupil’s results will then be compared to his instructor’s results.

The data acquisition system allows the rider to see data such as: opening of the gas valve, engine revs, speed, lap time, suspension movement, brake pressure, tyre temperature, trajectory. At the end of the test the data acquired will be presented to each pupil on the Master Riding course.


Ducati boasts a pool of highly qualified instructors who, as well as being extremely competent technically, ensure that a DRE day is always enjoyable.

Members of the team include:


Paolo Casoli brings a wealth of experience to DRE having been a Ducati rider for many years. He has won 5 national titles in the Superbike, Supersport and 250cc categories , and took the World Supersport title in 1997, riding his Ducati 748 to victory in one of the world’s most competitive championships. He came close to repeating the feat in 2000 and 2001 but missed out on the titles by just a few points. Having now retired from racing, Paolo collaborates with the Ducati Xerox team as well as teaching on DRE courses.


Dario, chief instructor of DRE, has raced throughout the world and in nearly every category, from GP500 to Superbike, winning 4 national titles along the way. In 2001 he won the Italian Endurance title with the Ducati 996R. In 2004 he won the Daytona Battle of the Twins on board a 748 and in the same year he competed in the European Endurance Cup with Marc Garcia riding a 998 and a 999R. In 2009 Dario continues to instruct on the DRE Master Racing Course and is also the official rider of the 999F05 two-seater for the Ducati Xerox Team.


It’s hard to find a better qualified instructor than a World Champion of the Grand Prix 500 class.

Marco, one of the best Italian riders in history, won the prestigious world title in 1981 and has a total of 6 GP race wins and 19 podium finishes to his name. He has ridden with Ducati in the TTF1 and TTF2 and has won Battle of the Twins races in Daytona. Today his experience benefits the DRE pupils and to have him as instructor on your Master Riding Course will ensure that your "Ducati Riding Experience" is a memorable one.


Enrolment for courses begins in mid-February and is completed only via the website www.ducati.it.

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer following the instructions published online. Special deals are reserved for members of the Official Ducati Clubs. The cost of the courses includes: use of the bike, fuel, an instructor, lunch, open bar, welcome kit, presence of a photographer and eligibility to benefit from hotel discounts.


Each participant must bring all necessary technical kit: leather suit, back protector, full-face helmet, gloves and boots. Anyone who does not have the necessary kit can hire everything via the website at the time of enrolment (until supplies run out).

For information please contact DRE customer services at: dre@ducati.com




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