Big Bear Choppers International Motorcycle Dealer Expansion

Big Bear Choppers International Motorcycle Dealer Expansion.

In these times, companies are faced with big decisions with their business model, human and equipment resources, sales channel, and product development. Big Bear Choppers (BBC) is agile enough to successfully maneuver with the current environment, resulting in immediate growth and penetration in a global export sales channel, efficient lean manufacturing and fresh product design. Yet BBC’s brand equity is large enough to have an international brand recognition and presence, due to continued world wide media exposure, and growing positive viral customer word-of-mouth.

Big Bear Choppers has pursued aggressive expansion into foreign markets, and their 2009 business planning indicates close to 50% of planned turn-key motorcycle shipments will come from foreign markets, as the result of the slow domestic market and growing demand internationally. Single-line dealerships carrying the BBC brand of motorcycles are starting to sprout up more and more, with already established dealerships in countries like Australia, Canada and Switzerland -solely representing and selling Big Bear Choppers. Other existing international multi-line dealer body consists in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Germany, and Sweden. Current negotiations are in process covering additional strategic countries -not ready for public knowledge.

BBC is currently analyzing countries’ Gross Domestic Product and targeting metropolitan shopping/urban areas of developed, or developing, countries with affluence and moderate-to-strong demand for luxury goods. And culturally, people across the world desire to ride an American chopper, to own a piece of cool Americana; we produce a product that is highly appealing, in-style, and in-demand world wide. Think of super-cars from Italy or electronics from Japan. Our American culture of choppers is powerful across the planet.

So what does this mean for you as a person living in the US? Our production and revenue is, and will continue to be strong, making it financially possible to continue in providing industry leading motorcycle designs through proper engineering. With survival on everybody’s minds lately, our mind-set is to expand the BBC Empire to the ends of the earth.




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