The World’s Fastest Indian | Motorcycle Movie

1920s-era Indian and Heroic Rider.

Even after watching it 4-times, this movie still inspires a great deal of affection and goodwill.  A great last-minute gift idea for any motorcycle enthusiast…. Released in 2005, the movie tells a story almost as old as the Salt Flats itself: A man with the odds stacked against him strives to overcome an obviously insurmountable barrier. But the twist here is that this particular story is true.

Set in the late ’60s, Burt Munro is a heart-of-gold Kiwi quietly determined to take his 1920s-era Indian “motorsickle” to America and set a land speed record. Munro actually fettles the ludicrously out-of-date machine himself and, encouraged by various friends, miraculously manages to raise enough cash for his passage to the U.S. On the journey to Bonneville, and indeed even once there, Munro’s mission is aided by a variety of strangers who help him despite their beliefs that he will eventually fail. Clearly oblivious to people’s perception of him, he barrels ahead. (Click image to enlarge)

Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins plays the role of the eccentric speed addict with consummate ease, aided by a fine supporting cast. Surprisingly laugh-out-loud funny at times, this is a great date movie that will leave both of you feeling good. If you’re a motorcycle rider, you’ll love it because you’ll recognize elements of yourself in Munro. Non-motorcyclists will love it because it’s refreshing to see that not all superheroes require a buff body and a colorful costume. Munro’s 1967 world record of just over 190 mph on an Indian motorcycle remains unbroken to this day, proving that even the humblest among us can achieve greatness if we simply want it enough.




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