Gerbing’s Heated Appearal | Achievement in Design

Plugging directly into my Triumph Sprint ST’s power take-off, Gerbing’s heated motorcycle apparel allows me to enjoy some of the best roads and most spectacular scenery unencumbered by the pain of being cold—and it is safer too. A superbly integrated design, the Gerbing’s system discreetly incorporates power access points for both a clean look and convenience, and the temperature controller can be easily stowed in a pocket or Velcroed to the gas tank for easy access.

Riding warm is both comfortable and safe. (Click image to enlarge)

I liked the plush heated collar. It not only sealed out the freezing draft, but the subsequent neck warmth helped with the overall feeling of comfort too. The Gerbing’s apparel had excellent fit and is very well made; the jacket liner fits snugly (important for the heating elements to work at optimum) and is stylish enough to be worn on its own. Not just heated, the jacket also utilized water-repellent Thinsulate insulation and a Teflon-coated shell that defies the intrusion of a cold wind. The G3 gloves and pants liner continue the theme of water- and wind-resistance, extending it to your extremities.

On a cold day’s ride, one of my friends climbed wearily off his bike and opined, "That last hour was just about the most miserable one I’ve ever spent on a bike." Despite several layers of traditional motorcycling clothing the poor guy was frozen solid, especially his hands. But, on this trip I had the foresight to take Gerbing’s heated clothing. We can’t change the weather, but we can certainly change how it affects us.




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