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Paolo Bari's 7-day tours of northern Italy are ultimate motorcycle experiences. Located in Vicenza, the hotelier and restaurateur's exclusive motorcycle touring company indulges your every sense. Each day ends with excellent accommodations and gourmet meals served with the finest wines. I found it to be a mouthwatering vacation in Italy, where life is comfortable and familiar—and yet charmingly and addictively different.

Dynamic Ducati Driving is officially licensed by the manufacturer—Monsters are provided, couples are welcome, and Multistradas are available. After arrival in Venice, the tour includes a 2-day ride through the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomite Mountains, a visit to Ferrari in Modena, and Ducati in Bologna. The fifth day takes you to the IWC watch factory, where you will be taught to assemble (and buy, if so inclined) your own watch. The final day is spent on-track aboard a 1098 at the spectacular Mugello circuit with the Ducati Riding Experience School, and 1981 500cc GP World Champion Marco "Lucky" Lucchinelli will be your personal instructor! Bari has an arrangement with Dainese, so tailored clothing can be provided and shipped home at the end. (Click image to enlarge)

Bari is the perfect host, filled with relaxed Italian hospitality and an apparent personal obsession to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. You must be an experienced pilot, but riding in Italy is neither complicated nor difficult. Depending on exchange rates, tours run around $5,000 per rider; naturally, passenger costs are less.

www.jpbari.com | www.nogarazza.com




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