2025 Beta RR X-Pro Lineup First Look [12 Fast Facts]

Beta has a new lineup of enduro motorcycles for 2025. Dubbed the RR X-Pro models by the Italian factory, they serve as a bridge between the standard RR lineup aimed at trail riders and the Race line, which focuses on competition. The 2025 Beta RR X-Pro lineup is split between two-stokes (125, 250, 250, and 300) and four-strokes (350, 390, 430, and 480), boasting features that will appeal to the more serious trail rider and less aggressive competitor. We don’t have specs yet, but we have a dozen Fast Facts for you.

2025 Beta RR X-Pro Lineup First Look: New XF suspension

  1. The 2025 Beta RR X-Pro lineup features new ZF suspension. The SHC fork is a single-spring design that puts a preload-adjustable spring in the left fork tube, and fully adjustable damping in the right tube. This design cuts weight compared to the RR fork. The linkage-assisted shock is reworked, with new damping rates developed to complement the new fork.

2025 Beta RR X-Pro Lineup First Look: Four 2-strokes available

  1. The frame is based on the RR Race enduro models and the RX motocrosser. It features a beefier backbone to control flex and enhance durability.
  1. The seat height is three-quarters of an inch lower than the RR enduro bikes. This will enhance usability when riding through technical terrain. The seat foam is also softer and designed for comfort on longer trail rides.

  1. XTrig FlexFix handlebar mounts are another fatigue-reducing strategy. The FlexFit design adds elastomers to the bar mounting system. The clamps, which bolt to the upper triple clamp, absorb vibration from the motor in addition to flexing vertically and horizontally. XTrig offers three levels of elastomers for adjustable damping characteristics.
  1. The two-strokes will have electronically controlled oil injection. The oil tank is under the seat, which can be removed without tools. There’s no word about EFI, so continue to look for a carb behind the cylinder.

2025 Beta RR X-Pro Lineup First Look: Four 4-strokes available

  1. Traction control comes to the four-strokes. A button switches TC on and off, and traction control only operates in 1st and 2nd gears.

  1. Motors have two power modes—wet and dry. The mounting point for the switch has been moved from the upper frame tube to the handlebar pad. Electric start is standard on all eight models in the 2025 Beta RR X-Pro lineup.
  1. A coolant recovery tank captures the liquid when the going gets hot and heavy.

  1. Should you need brute force to get out of a situation, a strap over the front fender at the bottom triple clamp is standard.
  1. An electronic key does double duty—theft deterrent and kill switch tether. The key is coded to the bike to prevent unauthorized users from starting the motor. If the owner prefers, the e-key can be attached to the rider’s wrist with a tether, shutting off the bike should the two become separated.

2025 Beta RR X-Pro Lineup First Look: High-performance enduro motorcycles

  1. New red and white plastic and graphics separate the 2025 Beta RR X-Pro lineup from other Beta enduro bikes. Distinctive parts include the headlight, radiator shrouds, and rear fender. The RR X-Pro models also get new graphics.
  1. The 2025 Beta RR X-Pro lineup hits showroom floors in August 2024. All the two-strokes are under $10k, and all the four-strokes break the $10k price barrier. Here are the MSRPs for the eight enduro bikes:
  • 125: $8599
  • 200: $9499
  • 250: $9699
  • 300: $9899
  • 350: $10,299
  • 390: $10,399
  • 430: $10,499
  • 480: $10,599