2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks [Fast Facts]

2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Lawrence Brothers
The Brothers Lawrence: Jett (#18) and Hunter.

Pro Motocross is back for 2024, and that means it’s time to fire up your RMFantasyMX.com account and play some fantasy motocross. The RMFantasyMX format is unchanged this year. You pick the top five riders in order each week, along with an always-changing Wild Card position. If you’ve never done it, it sounds easy. However, experienced players know how unpredictable the results can be. With that in mind, here are our 2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks in our Fast Facts format.

2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Jett Lawrence
Jett Lawrence.
  1. Before we get started, let’s remind you who won’t be at the starting gate at Fox Raceway in Pala, California. You won’t see Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb, Ken Roczen, or Adam Cianciarulo. Of those four riders, Tomac and Webb are selectable on the RMFantasyMX site, but you don’t want to pick them.
2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Jett Lawrence berm shot
Jett Lawrence.
  1. Jett Lawrence is undefeated in his 450MX career. He has ridden 22 National motos and won them all. Lawrence is fresh from winning the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, so expect that unbeaten streak to continue, at least for the overall.
2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Chase Sexton
Chase Sexton.
  1. Chase Sexton was all over the podium in 2023, and that won’t likely change in 2024. Sexton was the only rider to trouble Lawrence in last year’s 11-round series. Don’t expect Sexton to win, but don’t be surprised if he keeps Lawrence honest.
2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Aaron Plessinger
Aaron Plessinger.
  1. Aaron Plessinger will be fresh coming into the Pro Motocross National Championship Series. After recovering from a Supercross injury, Plessinger has focused exclusively on preparing for Pro Motocross. Although he wasn’t a fixture for the overall podium last year, he did nail down three of them, along with 10 top-five finishes. With his head start on the series, I have him down for P3.
Dylan Ferrandis. Phoenix Honda.
Dylan Ferrandis.
  1. Although Dylan Ferrandis was the 450MX runner-up, he is a bit of an unknown coming into the MX Nationals. Ferrandis was right behind Lawrence and Sexton when it came to podiums last year, and Ferrandis was the champion in 2021, so he’s fast outdoors. Ferrandis was hurt much of the 2024 Supercross series, and when he returned, his results were a lackluster 9-9-8 in the final three SX rounds. With that in mind, Ferrandis is a safe top-five pick, and certainly a viable podium selection. I’m comfortable putting Ferrandis in P4 at Pala.
Jason Anderson. Kawasaki KX450
Jason Anderson.
  1. With four top-five finishes last year, Jason Anderson had more top-fives than any rider who will be lining up, other than the four I have already picked. In addition to his four top-fives, Anderson also grabbed two podiums. He’s a good choice for P5.
GasGas rider Justin Barcia
Justin Barcia.
  1. There are two Justins worthy of top-five consideration—Barcia and Cooper. Both Justin Barcia and rookie Justin Cooper came on strong at the end of the Supercross season, so they’ll have momentum coming into Fox Raceway.
Yamaha's Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper.
  1. I’ve named seven riders, and the Wild Card is P8. I can throw five names out there, though no one will really know until the gate drops. Garrett Marchbanks and Ty Masterpool impressed last year, and P8 is certainly within the grasp of both riders. Also, Christian Craig is returning from Supercross injuries, and Malcolm Stewart is returning to motocross after a Supercross season that resulted in a dozen top-10 finishes in 17 rounds. Hunter Lawrence will be debuting in the 450MX class—he was the champion of the 250MX class last year, and did well in his rookie 450SX season. Your guess is as good as mine when we have nothing to go on, but I’m going with Malcolm Stewart.
Malcolm Stewart. Husqvarna.
Malcolm Stewart.
  1. Be sure to bookmark our two National Motocross schedules. We have the 2024 Pro Motocross Schedule and the 2024 Pro Motocross Television Schedule. That should have you covered for following the 2024 AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series.

2024 Fox Raceway National Motocross Fantasy Picks

  1. Jett Lawrence
  2. Chase Sexton
  3. Aaron Plessinger
  4. Dylan Ferrandis
  5. Jason Anderson

Wild Card P8: Malcolm Stewart

2023 AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series Final Standings

  1. Jett Lawrence, Honda, 540 points (11 overall wins; 11 overall podiums; 11 overall top 5s)
  2. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 399 (6P, 9 T5)
  3. Aaron Plessinger, KTM, 386 (3P, 10 T5)
  4. Chase Sexton, Honda, 338 (7P, 8 T5)
  5. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 328 (1P, 6 T5)
  6. Garrett Marchbanks, Yamaha, 255 (1 T5)
  7. Ty Masterpool, Kawasaki, 242
  8. Fredrik Norén, Suzuki, 219
  9. Jason Anderson, Kawasaki, 207 (2P, 4 T5)
  10. Grant Harlan, Yamaha, 176
  11. José Butron, GasGas, 152
  12. Cooper Webb, KTM, 147 (2 P, 4 T5)
  13. Phil Nicoletti, Yamaha, 143
  14. Lorenzo Locurcio, GasGas, 110
  15. Derek Drake, Suzuki, 94
  16. Kyle Chisholm, Suzuki, 91
  17. Romaine Pape, GasGas, 90
  18. Jerry Robin, Yamaha, 69
  19. Justin Barcia, GasGas, 67 (1 T5)
  20. Harri Kullas, Yamaha, 67
  21. Jeremy Hand, Honda, 65
  22. Luca Marsalisi, Yamaha, 46
  23. Ken Roczen, Suzuki, 36 (1P, 1 T5)
  24. Bryce Shelly, Yamaha, 35
  25. Jace Kessler, Honda, 34
  26. Ryan Surratt, Honda, 33
  27. Marshal Weltin, Suzuki, 32
  28. Shane McElrath, Yamaha, 31
  29. Anton Gole, Husqvarna, 29
  30. Chris Canning, GasGas, 27
  31. Stephen Rubini, Kawasaki, 26
  32. Max Miller, KTM, 26
  33. Dylan Wright, KTM, 25
  34. Brandon Ray, Honda, 23
  35. Colt Nichols, Kawasaki, 22
  36. Jay Wilson, Yamaha, 21
  37. Lars van Berkel, Honda, 21
  38. Gert Krestinov, Honda, 18
  39. Kaeden Amerine, Kawasaki, 18
  40. Dante Oliveira, KTM, 15
  41. Chandler Baker, Kawasaki, 15
  42. Christopher Prebula, KTM, 12
  43. Jess Pettis, KTM, 11
  44. Tyler Stepek, Honda, 11
  45. Henry Miller, Honda, 9
  46. Jed Beaton, Honda, 8
  47. Kevin Moranz, KTM, 7
  48. Brandon Scharer, KTM, 7
  49. Josh Hill, Yamaha, 6
  50. RJ Wageman, Yamaha, 5
  51. Vincent Luhovey, Honda, 4
  52. Trevor Schmidt, KTM, 4
  53. Jacob Runkles, GasGas, 4
  54. Luke Renzland, Husqvarna, 4
  55. John Adamson, Husqvarna, 4
  56. Carson Brown, Yamaha, 3
  57. Bryce Hammond, Honda, 3
  58. Dominique Thury, Yamaha, 3
  59. Tanel Leok, Husqvarna, 3
  60. Karel Kutsar, KTM, 3
  61. Zack Williams, Honda, 3
  62. Cody Groves, GasGas, 3
  63. Scott Meshey, Husqvarna, 3
  64. Justin Rodbell, Husqvarna, 3
  65. Izaih Clark, Honda, 3
  66. Ryder Floyd, Honda, 2
  67. Anthony Rodriguez, KTM, 1
  68. Sebastian Balbuena, Yamaha, 1
  69. Jeffrey Walker, KTM, 1
  70. Jakub Teresak, GasGas, 1
  71. Bryton Carroll, Yamaha, 1
  72. Richard Taylor, Yamaha, 1