Giant Loop Cactus Canteen Review [We Go Big: 2 Gallons]

Giant Loop Cactus Canteen Review: Hydration pack

The new BPA-free Giant Loop Cactus Canteen is a flexible water bladder that is a functional solution to keeping hydrated while riding your motorcycle. Anyone who has ridden any distance in the Southwestern US during the summer knows how hot it gets and how quickly we can dehydrate. The most water I ever carried on my back was 1.2 gallons when off-roading, and I drank every drop in five hours. I would have gladly paid $99 MSRP to have the two-gallon Cactus Canteen strapped to my bike.

The Giant Loop Cactus Canteen comes in one- and two-gallon versions. I got the two-gallon because I want the option to carry that much water when necessary. The Canteen is flexible, so it can be filled with less water and take up less space. Still, if you’re sure one gallon will get the job done, the smaller size will save you $20 and a bit of space when empty; the one-gallon size is three inches narrower and an inch smaller in rolled circumference. Both sizes are made from 840D nylon with reflective MOLLE reflective loops for convenient attachment to your bike or luggage.

When not in use, it can be rolled up to the size of a 10-inch sub sandwich. The attached adjustable strap at the top holds the empty Canteen in a tight roll or can be used to hang it for filling or taking a narrow-stream campsite shower.

A zipper compartment at the bottom of the Giant Loop Cactus Canteen protects the three-inch quick-connect dispensing hose from dirt and damage. The quick connector at the base of the reservoir is a standard size to allow the attachment of your choice of third-party drinking hoses as long as 42 inches.

The Cactus Canteen can be strapped to your seat, the top of your panniers, or anywhere you can secure it through the MOLLE loops. If you have the room, feel free to drop it into your side case or top box. The lighter gray color does help with reflecting the sun. However, if it is lying across your seat all day long with the sun shining, you can expect the water to warm up. I always start the day with about one-third ice to still have cool water deep into the heat of the afternoon.

The Giant Loop Cactus Canteen is a versatile, flexible water reservoir that is ruggedized to withstand the mishaps of off-road activities, even if it falls off and your buddy rides over it. The Cactus Canteen is now part of my touring pack. If I am not certain I will need it on a particular trip, weighing in at 12.0 ounces empty, it rolls up small enough that it can be stuffed or attached almost anywhere and doesn’t displace any of my other must-haves.

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