The Throttle Stop – January 2023 – Resolution Editorial

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Photo Credit: Scott Murphy

There is a widespread media tradition that every January issue features a column highlighting the year to come—we’ll call this Resolution Editorial. While there are several varieties, they generally follow a hopeful train of thought, looking forward to the future. Ambitious authors might even reference previous issues of the magazines and quote themselves, confirming whether they’ve followed through with said resolutions. Alas, the first release of the year is where you might find much of this content.

Every year we take our scribble-filled calendars and replace them with fresh ones; my preference is cats, but you may enjoy something else. It’s a clean slate, if you will, or at least the physical manifestation of one. For those relying only on digital substitutes, you can delete all your previous engagements and still receive the same dopamine hit. Though, spiking things into a trashcan is my preferred disposal method.

Now, enthusiast publications that focus on things like motorcycles, cats, or crocheting mean that those authors need to apply those hopeful thought trains to ideas surrounding their niche. We, motorcyclists, look at the New Year the same way we look at listings for motorcycles—that basket case can be fixed, and you’d have been silly to pass it up at that price! (Don’t worry; we understand. However, your significant other won’t.) Track day schedules and touring routes are poured over because it’s all happening in 2022 2023.

Street bikes are for the springtime, and summers mean track days, racing, or travel from any category. In the winter, we shall ride dirt bikes and dual-sport. That could easily be the internal monologue of many a motorcyclist while toiling away before the holidays and randomly selecting gifts from an online retailer. Our older readers may still brave The Mall, and I tip my hat to all that do, as they display a constitution and patience that I will never possess.

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It’s been my experience that those who ride have an optimistic streak. After all, who among us has not flung themselves into a corner, berm, or whatnot while wondering if it would all shake out? I’m sure we’ve been there. It’s that kind of optimism that looks at a societally agreed upon set of dates and views them with a chance to change, improve, or experience new things at every step.

The bar can be set as high as we want, although I believe in a more reasonable approach. As much as I enjoy MotoGP and WSBK, the likelihood of me starting a career while being on the wrong side of 30 is statistically worse than winning the lottery. You might have different dreams, and I’ll raise a glass of eggnog to that, my friend.

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There is a space in the middle. Between my conservative approach and your lofty heights, there is a reality that many of us might be able to pull off this year. Perhaps it’s that summer trip or just a few extra track days or treks on the trails. Whatever those aspirations may be, some can be achieved if we simply sit down and set our priorities in that direction. Now, that’s all easier said than done, what with family, life, finances, and other things getting in the way, but you get the idea.

We covered a lot of ground in 2022. We raced around tracks, cut trails, and explored many roads this year. Then we typed a bunch of words about it. Personally, I even managed to stand by a few of the whimsical resolutions that I’d made to myself. The rest, well, let’s say we’ll get ’em next time.

So, here’s to another year of bikes and racking up miles. Heck, we even managed to dodge the Resolution Editorial, too.