Twalcom Slitta per Display Multifunzione Review [Ténéré 700 Dash]

I love my Garmin Montana 700i GPS with inReach Satcom on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike. However, at almost one pound, it constantly flops down on its mount when bouncing over rocky terrain. Used for off-road navigation, I couldn’t just stick the Garmin in my tank bag. I was hunting high and low for a solution and found it in Italy.

Twalcom, an ADV specialist, has many enticing enhancement products for the Ténéré 700, including the Slitta per Display Multifunzione. This unique patented mount relocates the instrument cluster to make room for a solid-mounted Garmin Montana 700i. Trovato!


The mounting assembly moves the dash over, making room for the Montana. In the process, the mount stabilizes the dash and headlight, eliminating the stock mount’s incessantly annoying shaking.


Although the illustrated instructions are in Italian, the web-based translation is adequate. Other than removing the windshield and side panels to gain access, the installation process is simple. There are no modifications required—just unbolting, rearranging, and reassembly. I took my time, dropping my requisite number of small nuts and washers, yet it only took me a few hours to complete.

Everything mounts as it should—no head scratching. The lower cross-brace bolts to the frame of the fairing, exactly through a hole I had previously run the Cyclops Auxiliary Lights Kit’s power through. So, except for having to reroute the power to the aux lights, nothing else I had added over the last year was in the way.

The rugged but lightweight kit—under 1.5 pounds—is made of steel bracing with an aluminum mount plate. The securing points are accomplished with rubber antivibration expanding nuts.

Twalcom presents the parts impressively. Many screws were already in their positions, so I didn’t have to wade through a bag of nuts to find the correct hardware. Loose assembly pieces were packaged by grouping, making it easy to grab the right pieces to keep the assembly moving.

There is authentic attention to detail in the Twalcom Slitta per Display Multifunzione kit. The list price is $188, and it comes with a 24-month warranty; all Twalcom products ship from Italy. Should you have any questions, the customer service reps at Twalcom are very responsive.

Not everyone has a Garmin Montana 700i requiring relocation on an ADV motorcycle. However, modifying the open space for your preferred device won’t take much ingenuity. I needed a way to securely mount mine and Twalcom to the rescue.

The Twalcom Slitta per Display Multifunzione kit cleans up the Ténéré 700 cockpit and solves my problem of flopping GPS. Twalcom has created a simple but strong mounting system that enhances the functionality of the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike.

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