Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review [Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike]

There are so many purpose-built Giant Loop cargo bags that I needed to carefully study the Oregon-based company’s photo-rich and descriptive website to narrow down my choices. While on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike, I wanted ready access to small items, such as snacks, smartphone, glasses, flashlight, passes, maps, garage door opener, hat, and sunblock, so it was time to test the Giant Loop Fandango tank bag.

Giant Loop has recently redesigned the $260 Fandango tank bag, lowering its profile, enhancing waterproofing, and expanding its cargo capacity to eight liters.

Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review: Cargo Test

The Fandango tank bag holds its shape, even when empty. A sturdy carry handle built into the front makes for convenient toting when you want to take it with you off the motorcycle. To release it from the mounting harness, run the heavy-duty YKK zipper around to the back, and off it comes.

The underside is concave to account for the gas cap and any vent, yet fully covers it. To fuel up, unzip the zipper on the left side and around the bottom from its mounting harness. Next, flip it over to the right, clear of the tank, with the zipper acting as a hinge. Make sure you have zipped its lid closed before flopping it over. You can guess why I am noting this.

Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review: Price

The Giant Loop Fandango has a large, clear map pocket on top for your phone that offers dust and weather protection. However, that spot can get hot in direct sun. A clear, waterproof map pocket is accessed through a zipper on the underside of the lid.

There is a flat, stretch mesh pocket on the outside rider-side of the bag that is convenient for holding toll money or a park pass. Inside the lid is a zippered stretch-mesh pocket that holds a wallet or any small items you don’t want to get lost in the main cavity.

Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review: MSRP

The main cavity is cavernous. It has a hook and loop-hold divider—perfect if you are the type who doesn’t like your peas and carrots touching. I like to keep my faceshield and windshield clean, so I have a full-size plastic cleaner quickly accessible.

If you have a painted tank, or one that will show rub and wear, Giant Loop recommends applying its vinyl protective film under the areas where the bag or the mounting system will scuff the surface. The sheets are made of the same vinyl material on which motorcycle graphics are printed. They run $50 for three 12-by-18-inch sheets.

Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review: For Sale

I used the mounting harness as a template to cut the vinyl to the correct size and shape. Because the 3M vinyl is so immediately sticky, the instructions say to wet the glue and the tank, and then float the vinyl into position. We all know how frustrating it is to align and reposition the small mobile phone screen protective covers, so the float method made it easy to align the protective sheet accurately.

As it’s an off-road-ready adventure bike, I often arrive home with a very dirty motorcycle. I have been hosing down the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike and checking for any sign of leaks into the Fandango Tank Bag. Just as advertised, it stays dry on the inside and keeps the dust out.

There is a convenient, small, hooded pass-through on the front of the tank bag for cables, wires, or the like, so water can get inside if you happen to dump your bike in a deep creek crossing. That is why Giant Loop includes a full-size dry bag for extra moisture and dust protection. They claim the Fandango Tank Bag is bulletproof, but I won’t be testing that.

I have been using the bag for six months, and I have mounted it as a tail bag almost as many times as I have mounted it as a tank bag. When I traverse tight trails or high-speed forest roads, I like to stand far forward, so I move the Fandango to the Ténéré 700’s rear. Conveniently, the stiff, high back (now front) acts as a backrest if the Fandango is packed full. I can’t imagine any more utility than a water-resistant eight-liter tank bag that is also a secure tail bag using the same mounting harness.

The Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag exceeded my expectations, proving itself to be even more versatile than I envisioned.