AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Helmet First Look [Carbon Fiber Protection]

For the rider who has everything, here’s something new that is also a limited edition—the AGV Pista GP RR Futuro helmet. Based on the Pista GP RR, the Futuro model features an all-new shell and spoiler constructed of forged carbon.

We’re all used to seeing sheets of carbon fiber molded into helmets, fenders, and other pieces for motorcycle riding enjoyment. Forged carbon uses chopped layers of carbon fiber that overlap, and are blended together. The process results in a density that is higher than woven carbon fiber. According to an AGV insider, this process provides “a greater absorption of energy on impact, all the while maintaining the same overall weight for the helmet.” A testament to the safety level of the Futuro is that it has earned FIM homologation for world championship competition.

A byproduct of this manufacturing technique is that every Futuro motorcycle helmet has a unique random pattern—this is not a helmet you will take to a custom painter. 

A properly fitting helmet is essential for safe riding, no matter how high-tech the outer shell is. AGV’s 360° Adaptive Fit system gives the wearer the power to customize the interior fit via pads of various thicknesses for the rider’s cheeks, nape, and upper head.

The faceshield has the top-rated optical class 1 rating, offering a horizontal field of view that stretches 190 degrees and a vertical view of 85 degrees. The faceshield is 5mm thick and a structural component of the helmet. 

Air flows through metal air vents, with the shell’s aerodynamics enjoying the benefits of high-speed wind-tunnel testing. The helmet is also compatible with hydration systems. 

The claimed weight of the AGV Pista GP RR Futuro is 1450 grams (3 pounds, 3 ounces). The list price is $1750, and the helmet is now available in North America.

AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Motorcycle Helmet Photo Gallery