AGV Pista GP Helmet

When it comes to safety gear, perhaps no piece is more vital to get from the top shelf is your helmet. To many, the top shelf means those helmets that can pass the toughest safety standards and that may well include those that achieve the U.K. Certification SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment Rating Program) five star rating.

On August 29, the AGV Pista GP helmet achieved that distinction. The Pista GP helmet has a carbon fiber shell, and is a part of the AGV “Extreme Standards Helmet” lineup, making it what the company says is one of the 331 safest helmets in the world.

It’s also worn by nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi, which proves much regarding the safety standards needed for the fastest motorcycle racing on earth – MotoGP.

To achieve the five-star rating, the helmet must be evaluated in meeting the certification standards by an independent entity not affiliated with the helmet manufacturer.

AGV states that their extreme standards helmets are the product of an innovative design system that defines new standards in terms of safety, ergonomics and comfort.

“Indeed, the Pista GP design process starts from the components that are directly in contact with the head and works outwards to the final carbon fibre shell,” AGV says.

The helmet meets the ECE 2205, AS/NZS, JIS, ECE/DOT safety certification standards. It retails for around $1,399.95. For additional information, visit Dainese. ttp://