Brock’s Releases Honda Grom Alien Head Full Exhaust System

Brock's Releases Honda Grom Alien Head Full Exhaust SystemHonda Grom Alien Head Full Exhaust System

The Brock’s Performance Alien Head Full Exhaust System for Honda’s pint-sized Grom combines legendary, race-proven performance with the distinctive look and sound of a show-polished Alien Head muffler.

Designed and hand-tuned by Brock’s Performance for stock and modified engines, this lightweight stainless-steel exhaust possesses an ideal balance of performance and attitude–at just 4.5 lbs.

Keeping creative Grom owners in mind, this low-mount megaphone-style system is a 100% bolt-on kit. It tucks up tight along the engine to provide maximum ground clearance without modifications. The little funster is now ready to be stretched, lowered and customized, then finished with a shimmering Brock’s Performance exhaust.

The Alien Head Full Exhaust System is just one piece in Brock’s new Grom Outfitters division, which now has a ShortMeg full exhaust, Dynojet Power Commander, sprockets, brake lines, tires and wheel bearings.

Honda From Alien Head Full Exhaust Defining Features:

  • Designed in-house by Brock’s Performance
  • Maximizes power gains on stock and modified engines
  • Full system with 12-inch, megaphone-style muffler
  • Show-polished finish
  • Distinctive look and aggressive sound
  • Permanent baffle with 2-inch outlet
  • Optional noise-reduction insert sold separately
  • Tucks in tight for maximum ground clearance
  • More than 60% in weight savings–just 4.5 lbs.
  • Bolt-on kit–no modifications required
  • Aerospace quality, stainless-steel construction
  • Lifetime map support by Brock’s Performance
  • Retail Price: $399.95

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Brock's Releases Honda Grom Alien Head Full Exhaust System