Viking Bags Dirt Bike Bottle Holster Review [Ténéré 700 Project Bike]

Viking Dirt Bike Bottle Holster Review

I stop to help fellow motorcyclists in need of support. When I throw two fingers down to passing riders, I am telling them that I have their backs. Even when I am in my car, I stop to offer assistance if I see a stranded rider. In all my years of off-roading, the most frequent help I have rendered is gasoline. I would take out my squashed empty water bottle from my backpack and gravity feed gas into it from my petcock rubber gas line. The Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike doesn’t have a petcock, so I carry a quart of gas to help a stranded rider get at least 10 miles closer to civilization.

I don’t always ride with saddlebags, so where and how to carry a fuel bottle became the subject of my search. If I am riding in an OHV park, my bottle holding interest turns to water for me to drink. All the riding I do on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike requires a bottle holder that will withstand bouncing and jarring without coming loose. I found Viking Bags in Southern California had the universal mount, 2.5-by-3.5-by-8.25-inch one-liter bottle holder I was looking for.

The Viking Bags Bottle Holster is a Cordera bottle holder bag designed to securely carry sealed fuel or water bottles off-road. It has four 24-inch-long triple-stitched web straps with friction buckle, plus an over-the-top strap to keep the fuel or water container tucked tightly into the holster. The four straps give plenty of flexibility to mount the Bottle Holster.

The location of the straps allows for cinching a metal bottle tight against a frame member, or suspending it like a spider web. In any mounting position, the long straps allow for genuine flexibility. I have mounted it at the tail end of the seat, the open space between the saddlebag mounts and the tail, and on top of the hard cases. The bottle doesn’t budge and is readily accessible if needed.

The Viking Dirt Bike Bottle Holster is further reinforced with a stitched strap around its midsection and two rows of reflective piping. The interior is lined with a smooth synthetic fabric that will hold water long enough to transport it from a stream to pour over your head on a hot day.

Viking Dirt Bike Bottle Holster

I can’t imagine the holster coming loose and bouncing behind me, but if it did, the heavy Cordura—the same material found on the knees and elbows of my textile jackets and pants—would definitely protect it. The over-the-top strap did allow for an extra inch of webbing after cinching it tightly through the top of my one-liter fuel bottle and my 24-ounce water bottle. It does not work for any bottle taller than 10.5 inches.

The Viking Bags Dirt Bike Bottle Holster (aka Viking Bags Large Black Dirt Bike/Enduro Bottle Holster Bag) is a lot of utility and mounting options for $30 MSRP. Although it is marketed for bottle carry, I can see carrying tire irons and other tall tools in it, as well. All Viking bags come with a one-year limited warranty and are shipped out of Los Angeles to the US and Canada only.