The Big Book of Motorbikes First Look: For New Readers and Riders

The Big Book of Motorbikes: Price

If you have a new reader on your Christmas shopping list, we’re going to make things easy for you—buy The Big Book of Motorbikes. Written by our colleague Rennie Scaysbrook of Cycle News and Pikes Peak International Hillclimb fame, his new book is designed to do two things—get kids interested in motorcycles, and prompt them to start reading. Those are two things we heartily endorse.

Scaysbrook introduces kids to motorcycles in a way they can understand. Subjects include history, brands, racing, and motorcycle genres. As a father of a four-year-old, Scaysbrook has first-hand experience raising a child who will be an avid reader and motorcyclist. Plus, Scaysbrook clearly remembers being a four-year-old, as that’s when he first rode a motorcycle—a Honda QR50.

“Coming from a bike-mad family, I know the positive effects motorbikes can have on a child’s upbringing,” says Scaysbrook, who was raised in Australia. “Bikes have been such an integral part of my family, and I wanted to pass that love via fun and informative education onto a new generation of bike riders. With a four-year-old son myself, I know each time I read him a bike book before bed, I will have his full attention. So, in a way, it was a selfish little project to make this book! But I am happy with how The Big Book of Motorbikes turned out, and the response from the motorcycling community has been overwhelming.”

The Big Book of Motorbikes For Sale

Scaysbrook teamed up with Asaim Hussain, who is responsible for the kid-friendly artwork. The Big Book of Motorbikes is full of brightly colored illustrations, and features a boy and girl in motorcycle riding apparel joining the reader for the journey through the paperback book.

The print version of The Big Book of Motorbikes runs $18, and we recommend giving the child the physical product. However, if your budding reader and motorcyclist is hooked on Kindle or the Kindle app, the digital edition will set you back just $5. Amazon is the primary sales outlet.