Touratech Guards Review: ADV Motorcycle Armor for Adventure

Touratech Guards Review: MSRP

Bust a mirror, and you can still ride home from anywhere. However, if you bust a water pump, you are stuck. If the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike decides to take a trail nap in a rock garden, its headlight just might crack on a boulder. Can I get home? Sure, but I will be lamenting the $579 replacement cost the entire way.

Touratech Guards Review: Adventure Motorcycle

So far, I have only tipped the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike over just once. That was into some bushes along scenic California Highway 1 when I stopped to add a clothing layer. Still, I have dents and dings all over the Ténéré 700 after tackling nearly 1000 miles on heavily graveled forest roads, and climbing long, loose, rocky hills.

I discovered a deep ding in the footpeg bracket, directly between the water pump and the rear brake master cylinder. I wouldn’t have noticed it had I not been installing Touratech protection guards for the water pump, rear brake master cylinder, and the rear ABS sensor, all of which are on the same side. Could the rock that dinged the footpeg bracket have cracked the water pump, maybe—but not this time, luckily.

The four Touratech protection pieces I added safeguard motion-critical and expensive parts that tally $935 from Yamaha. My very vulnerable $579 headlight enclosure is now protected with a clear Makrolon, quick release, headlight cover that Touratech sells for $170. The cover’s mushroom head pins lock into rubber receivers for a sure grip, while offering easy removal for cleaning. The headlight cover took about 10 minutes to install, and is a bolt-on procedure.

A spare $119 water pump is a mission-critical part that few of us bring in our panniers. I was always worried about the clutch cable on my Honda Shadow Spirit and, after carrying it for nine years, I actually needed it on a Saturday after the local dealer was closed. I don’t plan on packing a water pump. Instead, I protect the one I have with the Touratech black anodized aluminum guard that sells for $55. It takes five minutes to install, as you’re dealing with three bolts and two spacers.

Although a broken rear brake master cylinder will not stop you from getting home, it will put a crimp in your style if it breaks before a long and steep rocky downhill that you can’t avoid. I am protecting mine with the Touratech’s stainless-steel rear-brake master cylinder guard for $55. It also takes less than five minutes to install, and it requires one tool to remove two bolts.

Touratech Guards Review: Rear brake master cylinder adventure motorcycle

The rear ABS sensor is fully exposed to flying rocks and low branches. Yes, when I go off-road, I turn off the ABS. However, I don’t want to buy a $90 Yamaha replacement when I can protect it with a Touratech stainless steel guard for $35. The total install time is 60 seconds and involves one bolt.

Touratech Guards Review: ABS Sensor

Your riding style and luck may differ from mine, but we all have the same breakable essential parts on our Ténéré 700’s that can easily be protected with bolt-on Touratech guards. I have installed four guards on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike that are money-saving and provide peace of mind.