SP Connect Moto Bundle Smartphone Motorcycle Mount Review

SP Connect offers a vast lineup of phone mounts for motorcycles, cars, bicycles, fitness, and other activities. Although the company is relatively new to the US market, it has group locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and China.

SP Connect Moto Bundle Price

I’ve seen and used Quad Lock, Rokform, Peak Design, and Ram units. They are all good and, but for Ram’s X-Grip, utilize the basic principle of housing your phone in a proprietary case and having you buy a handlebar, stem, mirror, clutch cover, bar clamp, brake, or other type of mount. Then, with a press and twist, it will solidly hold your precious phone to the bike or other vehicle, with each having its own unique lock shape and mechanism type.

SP Connect, Quad Lock, and Rokform have robust offerings of mounts and cases for all the major phone manufacturers and models. Peak Design is more a travel/camera bag/camera mount manufacturer with a limited line of mounts and only four phone cases supported. All other phones require gluing a universal adapter to your present case.

Ram’s X-Grip is a spring-loaded setup that hugs the phone near all four corners. The user should then strap the phone in with an included web-like rubber tether device. I’ve heard tell of phones going AWOL with the X-Grip after a good jolt if the tether is not employed, yet I see many X-Grip’s in use without the users attaching the tether—kind of like the decision whether to floss or not after brushing. I think they are unsightly and take too long to attach/detach from the phone. They use either a U-bolt or claw attachment to handlebars and are not very elegant—an attribute I require in accessories.

SP Connect makes cases for Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei, as well as several universal clamps and cases for other smartphone brands. Hey, they even have a Ducati branded case for the matchy-matchy set. You know who you are.

SP Connect Moto Bundle: Ducati

Let’s focus now on SP Connect’s Moto Bundle that I tested. This bundle includes the phone case, weather cover, handlebar mount (black or chrome), flat surface mounts, and a variety of fittings adapters, plus a mounting tool.

The cover is made from a heavy three-layer rubber-like material. It looks good, allows the use of all phone ports and buttons, and supports wireless charging with the optional wireless charging module ($60).

The weather cover is a nice, clear piece to protect the phone and retains touchscreen capability. Rather than gluing to the phone screen like a traditional screen protector, it attaches tightly over the phone like the case itself, enclosing and sealing the phone and its ports from inclement weather and dusty conditions.

The handlebar mount is beautifully CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. It has a wide range of articulation to let you position the phone as you like. The flat surface mount is a nice bonus that might be utilized on a car dashboard, wall, desk, or wherever. Our photos show how I chose to mount the phone on two motorcycles, though there were many alternative positions I could have dialed in.

SP Connect Moto Bundle MSRP

The handlebar mount requires a press and turn 90 degrees to lock in the phone. No lever is needed to release the phone. You may rotate the phone 360 degrees and operate in landscape or portrait orientations. Adapters for 7/8”, 1”, 1 1/8”, and 1 1/4” bars are included. An optional wireless charger ($60) and various anti-vibration modules (from $30) are available for this setup.

Users may choose to remove the arm and mount the phone directly to the handlebar clamp, though Apple recommends against it with late-model iPhones. They might also use the extended height washer (included) to raise the phone if clearance is an issue.

SP Connect Moto Bundle For Sale

With an MSRP of $100, the SP Connect Moto Bundle is an inexpensive setup—only RAM costs less—and is easily as nice and useful as the higher-priced units. SP Connect’s extensive lineup of non-moto mounts allows users to secure their phones just about anywhere needed.

Installation is easy, and the hex tool is included. The mount is unobtrusive, looks good, and disappears behind the phone when in use. The SP Connect Moto Bundle is top quality at a great price—I use mine often.