Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Review: New on the Horizon Line for ADV

The Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike and I are fairly well acquainted now, so I am spending eight hours or more in my boots on a riding day. Comfort, protection, waterproof and stiff shank are the most important features I look for in a light adventure, riding boot. The Tourmaster Trailblazer boots, part of the company’s new Horizon Line of adventure touring gear, does all that at an attractive $150 price point.

The first time I wore the Tourmaster Trailblazer boots was also the first time I took the Yamaha Ténéré 700 on a tight, twisty, and rocky trail. I decided to walk the first half-mile of the trail to make sure I wouldn’t have to call in a helicopter to lift the bike and me out. I hiked and trudged through a few mudholes along the way.

The Trailblazer boots were surprisingly comfortable to walk in because of the large front and back bellow flex panels and the lack of stiff protective plastic associated with MX or more aggressive ADV boots. I noticed they quickly shed mud off from the four shallow lug pattern areas on the sole. Even though the lug patterns are shallow, they were quite effective for grip while hiking the trail and staying put on the pegs.

Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Review: MSRP

I brushed a boulder with the side of my left boot and felt the touch. It was a reminder that the Tourmaster Trailblazer boots are designed for on- and off-road touring rather than technical riding where impact protection and a stout build are required features. The Trailblazers are 12 inches tall and there is about two inches of shin impact protection on the hook-and-loop top closure flap. The toe and heel cups are molded plastic for support and protection as well. The ankles have molded reinforcement circles. The waterproofing is an incorporated membrane that goes up 10 inches to include an inside gaiter where you slide in your foot.

I was wearing adventure-style pants and they fit over the Trailblazers. Although there is not enough room in the shaft to tuck pants in, there is room to accommodate a large range of calf sizes. The two MX-style buckles make for quick entry and exit, while adding some rigidity to the middle part of the boot.

Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Review: Sizes

I always chuckle when I see symmetrical shifter overlays—it has been about 46 years since gearboxes have been manufactured with right-hand shifters. However, it does make for a more normal, everyday footwear look. Tourmaster did put a matching overlay on the outside toe that I find aesthetically pleasing, though I don’t know what it is for.

I really like the rigidity of the sole shank because, when I stand on the pegs, all my weight is centered there. I didn’t feel any pressure on my arch or bend in the sole after standing on the pegs for several hours. The toe box is open enough for my toes but low enough to easily fit under the Ténéré 700’s shifter. I wear a D width in street shoes and wearing a thick riding sock, I didn’t feel any tightness or pressure points all day. There are only two half-sizes between 8 and 13, so I suggest you choose up rather than down. There’s also a women’s version.

Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Review: Price

The Tourmaster Trailblazer boots work in a wide range of temperatures. Wearing them on days when the mercury varies from the low 50s to the high 80s, the boots are insulated enough for the cool and have a breathable mesh liner for the warmer temps.

For me, the Tourmaster Trailblazer boots are four-season, road, and light adventure boots that I can wear all day—on the bike and walking around. The Trailblazer boots keep my feet dry, are roomy enough for my heated boot liners, and won’t bake me out in the summer heat. Tourmaster has a long history of durable riding boots, and the new Trailblazers look and feel like they will last a long time.

Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 8-13
  • Colors: Black; Brown

Tourmaster Trailblazer Boots Price: $150 MSRP

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