My Medic x Popular Mechanics The Auto Medic First Aid Kit Review

In my experience—which includes 34 years as a registered nurse and nearly 10 years as an EMT/Paramedic—most first aid kits that are compact are also pretty limited in scope. That tendency is undone by the Popular Mechanics branded version of My Medic’s The Auto Medic first aid kit.

Priced at $100, The Auto Medic kit is remarkably capable in content yet compact in design. Even the case it comes in is carefully designed to protect the contents, keep the overall pack size to a minimum and be adaptable to a range of use environments—including your motorcycle. In addition to first aid medical supplies, it has a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and single-use light stick.

The Auto Medic kit highlights:

  • Essential trauma supplies that cover minor to life-threatening injuries
  • Rugged, stormproof bag
  • First Aid & Survival: The Stay Alive Guide booklet
  • Integrated MOLLE-style loops for mounting
  • Designed and assembled in the USA

Fully loaded, the kit weighs 2.4 pounds and measures just over 3-by-6-by-8 inches. The case, available in red or black, is flexible and waterproof. It has a rugged carrying strap, in addition to the loops on both sides of the case. That size makes it possible to fit in a small saddlebag, top box, or tank bag. The external loops even make it possible to strap it in place.

My Medic x Popular Mechanics The Auto Medic First Aid Kit Review: MSRP

Inside are individually wrapped modular elements:

  • A pair of disposable gloves
  • Clean and preparation module (hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, etc.)
  • Compressed gauze pack (for managing major bleeding)
  • CPR shield
  • Emesis bag (labeled at The Super Barf Bag)
  • Medication modules (aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Mini burn module (burn care gel)
  • Mini gauze module (gauze pads, gauze bandage, etc.)
  • Rapid tourniquet
  • Small EMT shears
  • Sterile saline for eye or wound irrigation
  • SuperSkin bandage assortment
  • Thermal insulative Space Blanket capable of retaining up to 90 percent of body heat
  • Tool module (penlight, tweezer, whistle)
  • Treatment and relief module (triple antibiotic ointment, sunscreen packets, lip balm, etc.)
  • Zzips devices (2 included operate like zip ties for holding laceration injuries closed; similar to Steri-strips)

My Medic x Popular Mechanics The Auto Medic First Aid Kit Review: Contents

The modular approach allows quick identification of the pack’s contents to enable rapid access to the right supplies based on what you may need. It also adds an extra level of protection for the contents to prevent them from becoming contaminated. In addition to each modular package being clearly marked, there are color-coded tabs on the see-through internal net pockets allowing the user to quickly go to the right part of the kit.

That said, don’t just get the My Medic The Auto Medic First Aid Kit, drop it in the saddlebag, and think you’re covered. Take the time to open the kit and take out all the contents, noting where and how they made all that material fit in that little case. There’s a lot there, so it is really helpful to get a fix on where it is in the kit and what it’s for.

Next, take a look through the very compact yet readable First Aid & Survival: The Stay Alive Guide booklet. There is some great information in there, but it’s not going to help much if you don’t get to know it ahead of time. Learn a little about what is in the manual, and what is not. Think about viewing the free training information available on the My Medic website that is included with the purchase of the My Medic x Popular Mechanics The Auto Medic First Aid Kit. Also, consider taking a basic Red Cross course in first aid and CPR that may be available in your community.

Most of all, ride safe wherever you go!