Michelin Scorcher Adventure Tire Easier to Access For Pan America Riders

The Michelin Scorcher Adventure tire that is standard fitment on the Harley-Davidson Pan America ADV bike will soon be available via distribution outlets other than Harley-Davidson dealers.

The rear tire is a Michelin’s 2CT+ Technology dual-compound design that integrates Michelin’s Bridge Block Technology. Bridge Block Technology keeps the tread blocks stable, enhancing performance on the road at steep lean angles on both the front and rear tires. The 2CT+ Technology is reflected in the silica tread compounds, which add grips on wet roads. A Michelin spokesman claims “exceptional high-speed stability, precise handling, long-lasting performance, tremendous wet grip, and uncompromising off-road traction.”

Michelin Scorcher Adventure Tire

The Michelin Scorcher Adventure tire is available in just one size pairing—120/70 x 19 for the front and 170/60 x 17 for the rear.

The tire becomes more widely available on August 1. The front tire’s MSRP is $225, while the rear has an MSRP of $283. Deep discounting of tires is common, so expect to pay less from some retail outlets.

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