Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Motorcycle Jeans Review

The intersection of fashion and function is a great place to be for motorcyclists, especially those that value protection and style in their riding gear. Hailing from Lithuania, Pando Moto has had its finger firmly on the pulse of urban moto fashion since 2011, producing high-quality riding denim, jackets, and more for riders who don’t want to compromise. Enter the Pando Moto Steel Black 02 motorcycles jeans.

Pando Moto

The Steel Black 02 is a follow-up to Pando Moto’s popular Steel Black series. It is a no-frills, fitted pair of riding jeans that offer just as much comfort as your well-broken in streetwear denim. Thanks to the single-layer of 13-ounce comfort-stretch Dyneema (25 percent) woven into cotton denim, the Steel Black 02 offers CE AA-rated abrasion resistance. It provides 115 feet of slide protection before breaking down.

Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Jeans Review

We all remember the dark ages of riding denim—thick, poorly ventilated jeans with a heavy liner of Kevlar in the interior. Yes, they offered a decent amount of slide protection, but their sheer bulk and frumpy fitment came at the price of comfort and style. Luckily, the Pando Moto Steel Black 02 stretch and conform to your body no matter the riding position you happen to assume.

Extended stints in the saddle are much more tolerable, and the Steel Black 02s feel slightly thicker than your average pair of non-technical denim jeans. They’re also much more breathable than Kevlar-lined jeans, which is a nice reprieve in the sweltering Southern California summers—Dyneema is also claimed to be a heat-reflecting fabric. When the temps do drop, pop a base-layer on, and you’ll be on your merry way.

Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Motorcycle Jeans Test

Padding the protection specs is CE Level 1 Sas-Tec TripleFlex armor in the hips and knees, which doesn’t bind up and cause discomfort. The knee armor can be mounted in either of two positions, allowing you a touch of personalization.

While the fit is subjective to the person wearing it, we can talk about the cut, and this is why the Steel Black 02 is my go-to casual riding jean. The slim-fit cut leans towards the fitted side without venturing into skin-tight ’80s hair-metal territory—these jeans fit just right.

Another critical factor is the middle-waist raise, which keeps the waistband at, well, the waist. This means the 02s won’t make you look like you’re late to a meeting at the local plumber’s union hall. I appreciate the subtle and subdued look of the Steel Black 02, forgoing moto-centric design features such as accordion paneling at the knees or hips.

While denim is not a delicate fabric by nature, Pando Moto makes sure that its garments are up to snuff by using high-quality textiles and manufacturing techniques. There is chain-stitching reinforcement throughout the entire pant, for instance.

That attention to detail extends to the nice touches of embroidery on the pockets, as well as the metal keyring to clip your carabiner onto. Lastly, reflective material stitched to the cuffs provides a hint of extra visibility when riding at night.

A standard assortment of pockets accommodates a reasonable amount of storage, and they’re spacious enough to hold your smartphone nicely. In addition, a conventional button and zipper keep everything secure at the waist.

The Pando Moto Steel Black 02 jeans run $339 via Revzilla (limited sizes) and €339 direct, with free shipping. That is nothing to sneeze at in terms of gear. The difference is, the European craftsmanship and quality are nothing short of outstanding, which will last for many riding seasons to come. They’re tough, rugged, and ready for long-hauls in the saddle, and CE-rated armor is included for your knees and hips. When the riding day is done, you’ll be able to saddle up at your favorite watering hole or casual function wearing a slick pair of black jeans, too.


Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Motorcycle Jeans Fast Facts

  • Color: Charcoal black


Long: 36-inch inseam

  • Waists: 32, 34, 36 inches

Regular: 34-inch inseam (only size carried by Revzilla)

  • Waists: 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36 inches

Short: 32-inch inseam

  • Waists: 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 inches


  • Safety rating: CE Performance Level AA
  • Impact protection: Sas-Tec Triple Flex CE level 1 knee and hip armor

Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Motorcycle Jeans Price: $339 MSRP