Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Review: Motorcycle Anti-Theft Device

Do you take solo rides and your significant other worries the whole time about where you are and if you are okay? The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker provides updates via a phone app with your location up to every five minutes to give them peace of mind.

Do you wonder if the restaurant valet is taking your car for a joy ride? Simply leave the compact Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker device in your glove box or under your carpet, and you will know exactly when they have taken your Lambo for a joy ride—in real time.

Would you feel better seeing the progress of your child’s routing home, whether on a bus, in a car, or walking? You can know when they lifted their backpack and watch their homeward progress on your phone.

Invoxia is a 10-year-old French GPS tracking device company that has brought the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker to the US market. It is a small, rechargeable, 4” x 1” x 0.4” tracking and location reporting device that communicates through Invoxia’s free Android or iPhone app. If you are a techie type, this is an IoT or Internet of Things device that also works with IFTTT (If This Then That) technology.

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker uses GPS satellite information, triangulation from cell towers, and public internet hotspots to know where it is. It sends that information back to the Invoxia servers over the AT&T LTE-M network.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker: For Sale

The Invoxia servers send continuous updates to your Internet-connected phone. Using the extensive reach of the AT&T LTE-M network that became operational in 2017, it sends its coordinates to the Invoxia servers, even from remote areas of the US.

Using the Invoxia app for Android 5.0 and iOS 12.0 and higher, anyone with your credentials can see where you or your motorcycle are. Further, you can track just about anything you can attach or slip the device onto or into, such as your dog’s pack, child’s pocket, luggage, a trailer, or Lamborghini. This is a continuous tracking device, unless you put it in Stand By mode.

The Invoxia tracking device has an attached leather lanyard, a micro-USB port with a four-inch charging cable, and an alert button—that’s all. It is simple to set up through the Invoxia smartphone app. Once paired with the app, you can tell it to alert you to any movement, using its built-in gyro and GPS coordinates.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker: MSRP

If the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is indoors, it uses the AT&T LTE-M network that is good at penetrating buildings. You can set up a geographic fence around your home or the campground where you have left your motorcycle and tent to do a day hike. It will alert you if your tracker has moved, or if your kids have ridden beyond a distance that you preset. It is sensitive enough to warn you that your motorcycle has been jarred or tilted up to vertical from the sidestand.

The unit reports once every 24 hours if stationary. However, if moving, it will notify you according to the schedule you set in the app, when the unit and your phone are paired locally.

The more often it reports, the shorter the battery life. Here are the reporting schedules and approximate battery life according to the manufacturer. I tested them all myself, and this is pretty accurate depending on how much movement per day.

  • High reporting (every 5-7 minutes when moving): battery life from four days to two weeks
  • Standard reporting (every 10-12 minutes): battery life from nine days to three weeks
  • Low reporting (every 30-32 minutes): battery life from three weeks to seven weeks

Although there is no on/off switch, you can put the unit in standby mode, so it isn’t doing any reporting. That extends the battery life to months. It only takes few hours to charge, and the app has a battery level indicator. Anytime you open the phone app, you will see precisely how much battery is left.

For the system to work, your phone must have Internet access to see where the tracker is located, and the tracker needs to be in range of the AT&T LTE-M nationwide network to report its position. When in network range, if you press its alert button, the app will pop up to tell you the button has been pressed. While that could be used as an emergency button, I feel more comfortable trusting it as an “I’m home, Mom” rather than an “I am hurt” alert.

I put the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker into my saddlebag for its first ride. I waited five minutes for the unit to consider itself stationary. Bringing my Yamaha Venture off the kickstand, I didn’t get a notification, and that is because my kickstand doesn’t lean my bike over the needed 30 degrees. I did get a pop-up message on my iPhone about 30 seconds after I started riding forward. You can see the reporting track from the app screenshot. Anyone using the app with your credentials can follow your progress.

Invoxia markets this tracker as an anti-theft device to secure your valuables. If you have it hidden on your motorcycle and someone takes off with it, you will be able to show the police where it was every five-to-seven minutes. You can also ping the unit from the app to see its current location. When the paired phone is within Bluetooth range of about 65 feet, the Bluetooth finder takes over and shows you concentric circles getting smaller as you get closer to the device.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker: Price

If you have the unit in a lost or stolen purse or backpack, which would be hard to see if hidden, you can have the device emit a sound. It isn’t very loud, so you wouldn’t be able to hear it in a noisy bar. However, in an alley or a quiet room, you could probably hear it asking to be found.

I really like the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker for its small size, long battery life, and accurate tracking. The device cannot be used without a subscription, as it communicates through the Invoxia servers to your phone app. The Invoxia GPS tracker has a one-year warranty and has an MSRP of $129, with the first-year subscription included in the purchase price. After that, there is a $39 annual subscription. I can think of many applications for my Invoxia unit, including but not limited to watching over my Lambo—or more realistically, my adventure bike parked in front of a motel overnight.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Fast Facts

  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.05 ounces
  • Battery: Non-replaceable lithium-ion 300 mAh, 3.7 volts
  • Battery recharging: USB
  • Positioning: Wi-Fi Positioning System, GPS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Software updates: Via Bluetooth
  • Durability rating: IP33

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Price: $129 MSRP (includes 1-year of service)