Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Review: Long-Term Test

Although ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) purists might blanch, there are times when you will prefer comfort over absolute protection. After all, we don’t wear a racing suit, boots, and helmets just to ride down to the local gas station for a fill-up. At the same time, wearing plain running shoes on your feet—even high-tops—is a bad idea. A small error can have dire consequences, and that’s where technical riding shoes come in. The Fly Racing M16 Textile riding shoes take on the job providing outstanding comfort with some protection for your feet.

Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Review: Price

Putting on the Fly Racing M16 Textile riding shoes isn’t that much different from sliding on a pair of high-top running shoes. There are no zippers or hook-and-loop straps to make it easier, or more difficult. You simply loosen the laces enough that you can slip in your foot. Pull the laces taut—Fly supplies both black and white laces—and tie as you would a standard pair of laces. Safety-conscious riders will want to tuck the loops into the shoes, as they can catch on a foot control with unintended consequences. You will quickly notice the plush lining—these riding shoes are comfortable.

Riding in the M16 shoes is easy enough. They are flexible at the front of the sole, making it easy to operate the gearshifter and foot brake. At the same time, there is padding above your toes, so shifting isn’t painful—even on a motorcycle with a heavier-action gearbox, such as various cruisers.

Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Review: Sizes

Protection is decent in the toe box and heel, with the sole being stiff from your arch back. The shank’s arch support also keeps your feet comfortable on footpegs, even when standing. Plus, the interior sole is crush-resistant, while the exterior sole is oil-resistant for confidence when putting your foot down at stops. Ankle bone protection comes from a mix of soft and malleable materials, on both sides of your ankles. Inside, the insole is washable and replaceable.

These are all-day shoes for walking or working. They don’t look that much different than running shoes, and they’re only a bit heavier. You can put them on in the morning, go riding, and leave them on after you get home.

Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Review: Motorcycle Riding

This has been a long-term test, and the Fly Racing M16 shoes have held up nicely. They aren’t just comfortable and good-looking, they’re also durable.

Riding shoes aren’t for everyone. Many riders will understandably want more protection whenever they go riding. However, the Fly Racing M16 Textile riding shoes are a huge step up from non-technical shoes, and they encourage you to wear them—an important feature of any safety equipment. I like them for the right kind of excursion, just as I do riding jeans. Mark me down as TRGATT (The Right Gear All The Time).

Action photography by Kelly Callan

Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Fast Facts
Sizes: 8-13
Color: Grey
Fly Racing M16 Textile Riding Shoes Price: $110/pair

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