2022 Sondors Metacycle First Look: New Electric Motorcycle Coming

Electric bicycle manufacturer Sondors X has 100,000 in sales under its belt. Now, Sondors is expanding to the world of electric automobiles and, most interesting to us, electric motorcycles. We are conditioned to expect to pay a high price for an electric motorcycle, and Sondors is out to change that with its upcoming Metacycle. The 2022 Sondors Metacycle has an eyebrow-raising low MSRP of $5000.

For that price, one expects a scooter-like two-wheeler with limited performance. While that’s true to some extent, various specs quoted by Sondors for the Metacycle are interesting.

2022 Sondors Metacycle: Price

Standard output is 10 horsepower from the bicycle-style hub motor, with a peak production of over 19 horsepower. That’s certainly not particularly impressive. However, torque is where it’s at with electric motorcycles, and the Sondors Metacycle has a claim of a 200 ft-lbs peak torque, with the average output at a still-strong 80 ft-lbs. Sondors tells us that makes the Metacycle good for an 80 mph top speed, which puts it squarely in the urban category.

From a handling standpoint, Sondors claims the Metacycle will hit the pavement at 200 pounds, thanks to a cast aluminum frame and swingarm. With a 52-inch wheelbase, accessible 31.5-inch seat height, the 17-inch wheels shod with Michelin Road 5 tires, a beefy inverted fork, and a  are a good sign, plus an outsized front disc brake with a Bybre four-piston caliper.

2022 Sondors Metacycle: MSRP

The Sondors Metacycle has a claimed range of “up to 80 miles,” though we’ve yet to ride an electric motorcycle that matches its factory range assertion. As important as range is recharging time. It takes four hours to get back those 80 miles for the 4 kWh battery, so it’s great for commuters working an eight-hour shift. Sondors says that a Level 2 charger can juice up the battery more quickly, though the company doesn’t make a specific claim. There’s also a compartment on the upper frame beam dedicated to wireless charging of your smartphone as you ride.

2022 Sondors Metacycle: For Sale

“The Sondors Metacycle is the newest extension of our mantra of ‘Electric For Everyone,’” said Sondors X founder Storm Sondors. “It was clean sheet of paper design where we considered how to make the best electric motorcycle for people who need an affordable, attractive transportation solution. We didn’t design this bike for enthusiasts, or racers, or people who want a third or fourth toy in the garage. It’s a fun, easy solution for real people who want to enjoy getting on the road every day.”

Right now, the 2022 Sondors Metacycle is only available as a pre-order on the Sondors website—the required deposit is just $100—with delivery expected by the fourth quarter of 2021. It inarguably has striking styling and intriguing claims. Watch for a test of the Metacycle by the end of the year.

Photography by Jason Q. Tran

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