Bentley 6-In-1 Trike First Look: Getting Started On Wheels

Push-powered balance bikes are a great way to get youngsters started on two wheels. The downside is that the child needs to be at least 18 months old before starting on a balance bike. No one wants to wait that long for mobility on wheels. The new Bentley 6-In-1 Trike is designed for users as young as 12 months old, and adapts to children over three years old. Let’s roll!

The Bentley 6-In-1 Trike has six stages for children of different ages and skill levels. All the while, there’s a removable canopy to protect the child from the sun, rain, and wind.

Bentley 6-In-1 Trike: Learn to Ride

  • Stage 1 for youngsters who have had their first birthday cake and are over 27 inches tall. The seat spins around 180 degrees so the child can look ahead or at the parent, who controls the Trike. At this point, the Bentley Trike is a three-wheel stroller, and a five-point seatbelt and a backrest keep the child in the seat. There are fixed auxiliary footpegs and a handlebar in addition to a safety bar. This allows the child to become accustomed to the ergonomics of a three-wheeler.
  • Stage 2 introduces the back support’s adjustability. Again, parents are controlling the Bentley Trike via the rear-mounted adjustable push-handle.
  • At 18 months of age, it’s time for Stage 3. This means that the auxiliary footrests are removed, and the child’s feet rest on the main footrests, though it’s not quite time for the pedals.

Bentley 6-In-1 Trike: MSRP

  • Should the child be tall enough, the standard footrests can be in either the folded or unfolded positions, which is Stage 4. The canopy is optional at this point.
  • Stage 5 is where the action starts for children celebrating birthday #2. The push handle, anti-slip footrests, and safety guard can all be jettisoned, and it’s time to self-propel via the axle-linked pedals. The child still enjoys the security of a backrest and seat belts.

Bentley 6-In-1 Trike: Price

  • When the child hits three years old, it’s time for Stage 6 and full Bentley Trike action. The back support and safety belts can be removed. It’s go-time! By this age, the child is learning balance on a push-bike, while mastering propulsion and braking on the three-wheeler. Once the child hits 55 pounds, it’s game over on the Bentley Trike.

From a styling standpoint, the 6-In-1 Trike is pure Bentley. There are four colors—Dragon Red, Onyx, Sequin Blue, and Spruce Green—which match paint used for Bentley automobiles. Further, the seats have contrast stitching, so your child learns to appreciate the value of design detail and execution.

The Bentley 6-In-1 Trike is available at, as part of The Bentley Collection, and at Bentley Dealers in the United Kingdom. The price is £395, with shipping to the United States running £15.

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