Avon Tyres + Blood Bikes = Motorcycles Saving Lives

Avon Tyres Blood Bikes

We’ve all heard of blood banks, but this is the first time we have heard of blood bikes. Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes is a volunteer organization that uses motorcycles and vans to deliver urgently needed blood, plasma, platelets, COVID-19 samples, and other medical items. The group covers 979 square mines in Leicester and Rutland counties in England’s East Midlands region, which means going through lots of rubber. Avon Tyres has stepped up and supplies Avon Sprint ST tires for the motorcycles and Avon ZT7 tires for the vans.

Avon tyres blood bikes
Avon Sprint ST tires

“We are proud to have been supporting the outstanding efforts of the Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes group over the past year,” Cecilia Razeto, Head of Marketing & Communication, EMEA, Cooper Tire Europe, said. “As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the group’s importance and value to the community around them was only highlighted further. We are delighted that Avon Tyres could play an integral part in the delivery of their service.” Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is Ohio-based and owns the UK-based Avon Tyres brand.

When COVID-19 hit Britain, COVID-19 sample delivery became a primary function of Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes. Working with other English blood bike groups, they moved samples for testing over great distances using a relay system. The group worked 24/7 in March and April last year.

“I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the group for the support from Avon Tyres throughout 2020,” Jonathan Bostock, Vice Chairman, Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes General Committee, said. “The feedback we received from the team was very positive, and tire wear on the motorbikes improved when using Avon Tyres products. Little did we know how the year was to change so dramatically, and the cost savings were all the more beneficial to our group.”

In addition to the contributions of Avon Tyres, the group is sponsored by Motor Cycle Accessories in Leicester, and Reflex Vehicle Hire in Loughborough.