2021 Soriano Motori Lineup First Look: Electric Sport Motorcycles

Soriano Motori Giaguaro V1 R

It can seem like brands never go away. In recent years we have seen the resurgence of marquee brands such as Indian, as well as obscure brands, with Curtiss being an example. Electric motorcycles have made it easier for boutique manufacturers to get in the mix, and why not use a vintage name to establish your brand in the marketplace. Soriano Motori is doing just that.

Soriano Motori Lineup First Look - Giaguaro V1 Gara
Soriano Motori Giaguaro V1 Gara

Soriano-Pedroso SpA started up in Paris in 1919 (unrelated to the John Cale song, Paris 1919) as an automobile maker and marine engine builder, run by two Spaniards. The company moved to Madrid in 1939–just in time to avoid the German invasion of France–and worked with Ossa to create Soriano motorcycles starting in 1942. About 6000 Soriano motorcycles were built during the brand’s Spanish run.

Now, the Soriano Group in the United States has founded Soriano Motori Corp. in Italy to produce three 2021 models of electric Soriano Motori motorcycles—the Giaguaro V1-R, Giaguaro V1 S, and the flagship Giaguaro V1-Gara. These are limited edition runs of 100 examples each.

The Giaguaro V1 Gara puts out 100 horsepower and has a claimed range up to 100 miles, with 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.5 seconds. Going down in power a bit is the Giaguaro V1 S, which has a 90-horsepower peak and 4.4-second 0-60 mph time, with the same maximum range. The Giaguaro V1 R has the same range and acceleration claims as the V1 S, but does it with an 80 horsepower motor.

Soriano Motori Lineup First Look - Giaguaro V1 S
Soriano Motori Giaguaro V1 S

All three of the Soriano Motori models have a three-speed transmission—unusual for electric motorcycles. The rims are standard 17-inch sizes, allowing for a wide range of performance-oriented tires.

With an MSRP of €32,500, the Giaguaro V1 Gara is the most expensive offering from Soriano Motori. At €30,500, the V1 S is next in the price line, with the V1 R offering the lowest price—€25,500. You get a wide variety of color options with each of the models.

It’s no coincidence that Soriano Motori Corp. is run by Marco Soriano, a descendant of Ricardo Soriano, Marquis de Ivanrey, the original principal of Soriano-Pedroso who bore a Spanish nobleman’s title.

Soriano Motori Lineup First Look - Giaguaro V1 R
Soriano Motori Giaguaro V1 R

“Soriano Motori’s motorcycles represent the finest Italian design, image, branding, architecture, and engineering, that for the first time are being applied to EV motorcycles for the next generation of riders,” Soriano states. “Owners of Soriano Motori motorcycles are assured the look, feel, and lifestyle of what they love about motorcycles, fused with the intoxication of a strong and proud made in Italy brand. We bring elegance and innovation into balance to deliver something that is transcendent for the motorcycle culture. The owners of Soriano EV motorcycles are promised to be piloting one of the most advanced, stylish, and environmentally friendly Italian machines on the planet.”

Production of the 2021 Giaguaro V1-R, Giaguaro V1-S, and Giaguaro V1-Gara will be split between facilities in Oggiono and Lecco, which are near Lake Como, the home of Moto Guzzi. According to a Soriano Motori spokesman, the manufacturing plants have “application, design, integration, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence approaches and systems are already established in delivery and production.”

Soriano Motori is taking preorders at its European website.