Metzeler Roadtec Scooter Tires First Look: 48 Sizes

Metzeler is introducing the new Roadtec Scooter line of tires, consolidating its wide range of scooter tires. The 48 sizes of Metzeler Roadtec Scooter tires will result in the phasing out of the Feelfree, Feelfree Wintec, and ME 7 Teen scooter tires from Metzeler. The performance-oriented Sportec Street Scooter line will continue to be available from Metzeler.

The new Metzeler Roadtec Scooter tires are inspired by the Roadtec 01 sport-touring tire, which combines dry performance, wet weather grip, and high mileage into one versatile package.

Using a compound with a high silica content, the Roadtec Scooter tires can work on a wide variety of asphalt surfaces, according to Metzeler. High-silica content also means the tire works in hot and cold temperatures, and at urban or freeway speeds. Adhesive resins are added to the mix to improve traction during braking and acceleration.

The tread pattern for the Roadtec Scooter tires also comes from the Roadtec 01.

In the front, there is an abundance of transversal grooves to direct water away from the tire. Additionally, the patterns of the grooves improve mechanical grip in dry conditions. The repetitive groove pattern results in quieter running, as well as consistent ABS behavior.

The rear tire is a complex assemblage of groves of different widths and depths. Again, water dispersal is a priority, as well as traction in difficult situations such as emergency braking or corner acceleration. Crossing sipes do the dual duties of water dispersion and enhancing mechanical grip.

For increased comfort, the new Metzelers have a carcass with more flexibility than the outgoing Feelfree tires. This design enlarges the contact patch, while so absorbing obstacles in the road.

Metzeler has also given the new tires a rounder profile than the Feelfree tire. That results in a contact patch that his shorter and broader. Metzeler tells us that the new profile is “specifically designed to contain the compound overheating within the operating range, thus reducing the wear process, as well as to include a greater number of grooves for greater safety in the wet.”

The 48-tire range covers wheel sizes from 10- to 16-inches. You will have lots of choices of width and profile among the Metzeler Roadtec Scooter tires.