First Ducati Superleggera V4 Delivered In Borgo Panigale: 001/500

While there will be 500 editions of the 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 made, only Filip Van Schil of Belgium gets the example with 001/500 stamped on an affixed plate. Ducati Motor Holding CEO Claudio Domenicali presented the first Superleggera V4 to Van Schil in a Ducati Design Centre ceremony in Borgo Panigale. It will bring the total number of Ducatis in Van Schil’s garage to 10.

First Ducati Superleggera V4 Delivered - Price
From left: Francesco Milicia, Filip Van Schil, Claudio Domenicali

In addition to picking up his Superleggera V4 from Domenicali, Van Schil was given an exclusive tour of the Borgo Panigale factory, where he met the builder of his motorcycle’s V4 powerplant. Next, Van Schil visited the Ducati Museum and the Racing Department, and was given a copy of the Stile Ducati book, with an inscription from Domenicali. Plus, Van Schil was presented with the modern sculpture that comes with every Superleggera V4, though his has the 001/500 plate on it. Later, Van Schil will be riding the Panigale V4 R as part of the Ducati Superbike Experience at Mugello Circuit.

First Ducati Superleggera V4 Delivered - Stile book
Claudio Domenicali inscribes a Stile Ducati book to Van Schil

Other owners will have to be satisfied with receiving the Superleggera V4 in a custom wooden crate with a certificate of authenticity. However, they will have the chance to be one of 30 owners who will get the opportunity to ride a Desmosedici GP at Mugello with a Ducati Corse tech in tow. Superleggera owners can also buy matching leathers—part of the SuMisura Ducati line—and a carbon fiber helmet.

Van Schil (left) and Domenicali with Superleggera V4 sculpture

“When I received the call and the official invitation to come to Borgo Panigale to collect my Superleggera V4, the 001 of 500, although I have always been a Ducatista, my legs trembled with emotion,” Van Schil said. “A welcome like this, even though I was the first to call and order the bike, is something unimaginable. Receiving it directly in the company and touching the passion of the people who work in Borgo Panigale is an experience that I will always remember. Days like this are what make Ducati unique and different from all the other motorcycle manufacturers.”

Van Schil on Borgo Panigale factory tour

Domenicali was also touched by the experience. “Today is a special day,” he acknowledged. “Experiencing on the track in the morning the incredible emotions that a Superleggera V4 can give at Mugello, and then handing over the keys of the 001/500 motorcycle to the first customer in the afternoon makes this day truly magical! Being able to meet and see the passion of our customers in person is always very exciting, and even more so is making them proud and allowing their dreams to come true.”

First Ducati Superleggera V4 Delivered - Mugello Circuit
Domenicali at Mugello Circuit with the Superleggera V4

“The Superleggera V4 is the only motorcycle in the world approved for road use with a carbon fiber frame, subframe, swingarm, and rims,” Domenicali continued proudly. “It is a mix of mechanical engineering, technique and Made in Italy design that amazes for its performance, style, and attention to detail. I am really proud of the work done by all the technicians and engineers of Borgo Panigale. They have created an engineering masterpiece that fully embodies the fundamental values of our brand—Style, Sophistication, Performance, and Trust. Today, another star of the Ducati firmament was born, dedicated to our most passionate customers, and to collectors and connoisseurs.”