Metzeler Racetec TD Slick First Look: Track Days and Racing

To make life easier for the track day enthusiast and club racers, Metzeler has introduced the new Racetec TD Slick. The advantage of the Metzeler Racetec TD Slick is that the use of tire warmers is optional. Metzeler also says that riders will not have to make any extraordinary setup changes to use the TD Slick.

According to a Metzeler spokesman, the Racetec TD Slick offers “consistent high performance over multiple sessions, versatility on different asphalt types and operating temperatures, high abrasion resistance, and the possibility of reversing the rear tire between sessions if the circuit wears a tire more on one side.” The ability to reverse the tire is due to its symmetrical design.

Quick warmup is another feature of the Metzeler TD Slick, according to its maker. According to Metzeler, the tire uses polymers that have a lower operating temperature, and that gives them cold-tearing resistance. The latest resins allow the TD Slick to provide consistent performance over multiple sessions.

According to Metzeler, the TD Slick was the result of racing experience at the Isle of Man. Tourist Trophy racing requires a tire that is effective at a wide range of temperatures and on various pavement conditions during a single session. To achieve this, Metzeler uses polymers with a low glass-transition temperature, high melting-temperature resins, plus carbon black. These combined features also give the TD Slick the ability to heat up quickly on the track.

The rear TD Slick uses a single-ply rayon structure, which is used for DOT-legal supersport tires. This makes the feel of the tire familiar to street riders, and the motorcycle does not demand extensive chassis tuning to adapt.

Metzeler worked on making the Sportec TD Slick a tire that enables precise riding. To get there, Metzler uses zero-degree steel belts with plenty of structural flexibility to give the rider the feel he needs.

If your riding style prefers a sharp profile, the Metzeler TD Slick will immediately feel comfortable. Metzeler worked for a large contact patch when cornering, and that is best achieved when using the front and rear TD Slick as a matched pair.

Metzeler offers the 17-inch TD Slick in two rear sizes: 180/60 and 200/55. In the front, there are no options–the 120/70 is the only size available.