2021 Beta RR 2-Stroke Off-Road Line-Up First Look

For 2021, Beta is continuing to offer four two-stroke off-road RR models ranging from the agile 125 RR to the torquey 300 RR. There are two basic platforms offered—the 125 and 200, plus the 250 and 300.

Beta 125 RR
2021 Beta 125 RR

The primary difference between the 2021 Beta 125 RR and the 200 RR is the displacement of the motor. Beta increases both the bore and stroke of the 125 to get it to a 200. That means more power everywhere for the 200, rather than focusing exclusively on more torque or more horsepower. The 200 and 125 RRs both feature oil injection, electric start, and an adjustable power valve. By adjusting the power valve, the rider can tailor throttle response to conditions and preferences.

Beta 200 RR
2021 Beta 200 RR

The 2021 Beta 250 RR and 300 RR are the big boys of the Beta off-road two-stroke lineup, with the 300 RR being the best-seller of the line. Between the 250 and 300, the 250 offers more overrev and suits the aggressive rider, while the 300 has tremendous torque and is easy to ride. Both models have counterbalancers to smooth out the power pulses, which reduces rider fatigue.  Like the smaller RRs, the 250 RR and 300 RR have oil injection, electric start, an adjustable power valve, a plastic skidplate, and lighting.

2021 Beta RR Two-Stroke Lineup - 250
2021 Beta 250 RR

Beta has given the RR line some updates for 2021, with a beefed-up head-tube area and rear subframe leading the way. The side panel and tank cover are also more securely mounted for increased durability. Beta has updated the seat base and the foam, claiming improved comfort. People have complained about Beta air filter mounting in the past, and 2021 gets another update in this department—Beta claims air filter changes will be easier and waterproofing upgraded. There’s an improved charging system, plus an updated speedometer. Finally, shim changes in the fork and shock are said to “further enhance the riding experience,” according to a Beta spokesman.

2021 Beta RR Two-Stroke Lineup - 300
2021 Beta 300 RR

The improvements do not come at an increased price, as the four models will have the same MSRP as last year:

  • 2021 Beta 125 RR Price: $7999
  • 2021 Beta 200 RR Price: $8699
  • 2021 Beta 250 RR Price: $8799
  • 2021 Beta 300 RR Price: $9199

Deliveries to dealers are scheduled to begin in late July.

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