Sidi Atojo SR Boots First Look: Motocross and Supercross Ready

Sidi Atojo SR Boots - Honda and KTM

Sidi Atojo Boots First Look:
High-End Safety for MX

Plenty of companies have a single premium off-road boot. With the introduction of the Sidi Atojo SR boots, Sidi will have two different flagship boots in its line. The new high-tech Atojo will be joining the Crossfire 3 at the top of the Sidi array of off-road boots.

In case you’re wondering where the name Atojo came from, it originates with the names of three riders who were instrumental in its development—seven-time Italian MX Champion Alessandro Lupino (A), nine-time MXGP Champion Tony Cairoli (TO), and two-time MX2 Champion Jorge Prado (JO).
Sidi Atojo SR Boots - MSRP

While traditionalists may want to stick with the Sidi Crossfire 3 SR and TA boots, the technology in the Sidi Atojo boots will certainly attract a buyer’s attention. There are two new features in the Sidi Atojo boots that increase protection and comfort, along with a variety of other interesting new features.

For ease of movement, the Atojo boots have two hinges—one each above and below the ankle. By using two pivot points, Sidi claims that the boot is narrower and smoother against the motorcycle. The lower pivot is designed to keep needed motion fluid while preventing potential injurious movements, as well as offering lateral impact protection.

There are multiple ways built into the Sidi Atojo boots to help prevent hyperextension injuries. An insert at the front of the boot flexes as necessary, and then stops excessive movement to avert tibia injuries—different inserts allow different ranges of movements, much like a knee brace. Inside the boot, there’s an ankle support that reduces the likelihood of ankle, instep, and Achilles tendon hyperextension. At the lower hinge is a piece that prevents the ankle from moving backwards too far.

Sidi Atojo SR Boots - Price

For metatarsal protection, there is a riding nylon insert that helps protect the foot should your feet come off the pegs. Like many parts on the Sidi Atojo SR boots, it is replaceable.

The heel is high-impact plastic that is designed to be comfortable, while also resisting torsional twisting movements. Plastic also wraps the entire toe area for full protection, while still offering grip where needed.

There are three buckles on the Atojo SR boots. Fully independent, the buckles are micro-adjustable and floating single-point mounting, and all the parts are user-replaceable. Protective spoilers below each buckle prevent them from being inadvertently unlocked.

Users can also replace the motocross-ready soles easily—just four bolts and you are done. Off-road riders will be happy to hear that a lugged enduro sole is available as an option.Sidi Atojo SR Boots - For Sale

Sidi didn’t forget the inside of the Atojo SR boots. The floor of the boots is Cambrelle. It is a fast-drying, durable fabric that helps prevent mold. Above that, a jersey type of material is used, with Teflon fabric treatment to stop water and sweat from absorbing into the boots. Further, the tongue and interior pivot areas use non-absorbent Technomicro microfiber material. Definitely, Sidi is doing what it can to prevent trench foot.

At the top of the boot is an elastic gaiter design to keep debris out. Velcro is used to personalize the fit of the closure.

“The new Atojo boot will not be replacing the Crossfire boot series,” a Sidi spokesman told us. “It will stand alongside it as an alternative technology option so that Sidi may continue to offer multiple models of high tech boots for its family of riders around the world.”

A pair of the Sidi Atojo SR motocross boots will have an MSRP of $600, which is $25 more than the Sidi Crossfire 3 SR and TA boots. The two models will remain side-by-side in the Sidi lineup, directly above the Sidi Crossfire 2 boots, which run $450 a pair. There’s no announced size range, but we would expect it to be the same as the Crossfire 3s—7 to 12.5 US (40-47 Euro). Six colorways are available.

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