Alpinestars Daisy Women’s Denim Jeans Review

Alpinestars Daisy Women's Jeans Review

You know that feeling when you find a pair of jeans that really fit you well? Where you want to go out and buy two more, just in case the style is discontinued tomorrow and you’re back to square one? That’s how I felt when I pulled on Alpinestars’ Daisy women’s denim jeans for the first time.

There is a satisfyingly feel to the jeans, courtesy of the 13-ounce denim from which they are constructed; they feel substantial enough to go the distance. The 98 percent cotton, two percent elastane blend has just enough stretch to make them nicely comfortable.

Alpinestars Daisy Women's Jeans fit

The cut of the mid-weight Daisy is form-fitting through the thigh and seat, without that cloying feeling of skinny jeans that hug your leg down to the ankle.

Yes, I do find the Daisy motorcycle jeans need the slightest tug down the thighs after I get off a motorcycle, as they naturally hike up when seated. The figure-hugging lines don’t lend themselves to naturally settling when you stand up—a small price to pay for the flattering fit.

The 8.5-inch mid-rise Alpinestars Daisy jeans sit two inches below my navel. It is a very comfortable height, especially when leaning forward in a sporty riding position. Fortunately, they have a higher cut in back to keep things modest.

While the anatomical cut—favoring the female form in a riding position—contributes to the natural feel while astride a motorcycle, the jeans are also quite agreeable when off-bike and simply walking around.

Okay, these are not just jeans, these are technical riding jeans. So how do they rate for protection? First off, the Daisy jeans have CE-certified knee protection that fits in well-designed internal pockets. Snug pockets keep the pads from shifting around when you bend or straighten your legs, and they don’t get dislodged when you slide your feet into the pant legs.

Alpinestars Daisy Women's Jeans price

Although the knee pockets are precisely matched to the protection, it is not particularly hard to remove or replace the pads when washing the pants. That is a big deal. If your knee inserts are annoying or difficult to install, it is easy to find an excuse not to use them, or to leave those jeans in the bottom of the closet in favor of something else. A shorter length insert that sits slightly higher at the knee is available to accommodate different inseams.

Foam hip pads are also included and can easily be removed—which I promptly did. I am sure I’m not alone amongst women riders who are not willing to add non-CE padding on each hip. For those who want authentic hip protection, Alpinestars makes a pair of Nucleon CE Level 1 hip protectors for $30, and CE Level 2 for $40.

In case of falls beyond tip-overs, the Alpinestars Daisy jeans are supplemented at the seat, hips, and knees with an aramid fiber reinforcement rather than the traditional Kevlar. Alpinestars claims the denim material is “abrasion and tear-resistant in impact-critical areas.” I did not real-world test this feature, I am pleased to report. I also wore them on a wide variety of motorcycles, from cruisers to sport bikes.

Branding on the jeans is understated—only a leather patch on the back waistband is likely to catch anyone’s eye. As a Daisy wearer, however, you will notice two small details: an A’star logo on the metal button above the zipper, and another tiny one on the rivet of the watch pocket. There are no secure pockets on the Daisy, only your standard deep hand pockets in front, and patch pockets in the rear.

Alpinestars Daisy Women's Jeans Review

Eight months of heavy use have not wilted the Daisy jeans. There is no fraying along seams, and the denim hasn’t even faded appreciably, though I haven’t washed them as often as I should. The YKK zipper has retained its excellent action. Whether tucked into boots or worn with riding shoes, the Alpinestars Daisy women’s denim jeans feel great, ensure reasonable riding protection, and make me feel like a jeans model, something to which my favorite Levi’s 501s haven’t even aspired.

Action photography by Brian J. Nelson, Rudi Schedl, and Don Williams

Alpinestars Daisy Women’s Denim Pants

    • Sizes: US 24 – 34
    • Color: Dark Rinse; Black
    • Alpinestars Daisy Women’s Denim Pants: $200 MSRP

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