2020 Yamaha TMax and TMax Tech Max First Look (8 Fast Facts)

2020 Yamaha TMax Tech Max - Price
2020 Yamaha TMax Tech Max

2020 Yamaha TMax and TMax Tech Max Sport Scooters

To many in the United States, the concept of a ‘sport scooter’ is a foreign one—and it is a popular two-wheel genre in other countries. The 2020 Yamaha TMax and TMax Tech Max sport scooters won’t be in the United States this model year, at least as far as we know. Still, they are definitely of interest as two-wheel mobility continues to evolve. Keep in mind that Yamaha has sold over 275,000 TMax scooters in Europe. Let’s take a look at this 560cc sport scooter from Yamaha, which just debuted at the EICMA show.

  1. Yamaha upped the TMax displacement for this Gen 7 model, and did so without significant weight increases. Yamaha added two millimeters to the bores of the twin-cylinder TMax powerplant to bump the displacement up six percent to 560cc. Additionally, the motor gets new forged aluminum pistons, new connecting rods, and a new combustion chamber shape. There is also a new 12-hole injector that shoots the fuel droplet right on the back of the new, larger 27mm intake valve. Yamaha claims a 3.5 percent increase in peak horsepower and a six percent increase in torque, while only increasing reciprocating parts in the motor by just one percent. That equals more performance. Also, to handle the additional power, the TMax gets a larger radiator and new air ducts to feed it.


  1. Power delivery can be tailored on the TMax due to two power modes. Thanks to ride-by-wire, TMax riders can choose between a gentle power delivery and an aggressive manner. Further, Yamaha updated the fully automatic CVT to increase acceleration, and also lower the rpm at cruising speeds for a smoother, less frenetic feel. Traction control is standard on the TMax, and is upgraded for less abrupt engagement in 2020.


  1. Another reason the 2020 TMax is considered to be a sport scooter is that the engine is not part of the suspension system. Traditionally, the motor doubles as a swingarm in a scooter—not so on the TMax. The TMax motor is rigidly mounted in the frame. Suspension is provided by a 41mm inverted fork and linkage-assisted shock, just like a motorcycle. Further, the frame is a die-cast aluminum twin-spar design, another performance-oriented handling enhancement brought over from the motorcycle world.


  1. The TMax bodywork has been refined, with the goal of a sportier look. The new plastic is more angular, which translates to aggressiveness. The rear has also been slimmed down, with the help of a new taillight and LED turn indicators. This also makes it easier for passengers to mount and dismount the TMax, as well as find the footrests.


  1. There are several cool returning features on the TMax. We like the locking centerstand, storage space for a full-face helmet (or two open-face lids), keyless ignition, and monotone TFT display with a wide variety of info. Also, the new motor is Euro 5 compliant—the two catalysts use platinum and rhodium elements—so, it’s a clean machine;


  1. The new TMax Tech Max expands on the standard TMax in performance, comfort, finish, and technology. The TMax Tech Max gets adjustable rear suspension, electrically adjusted windscreen, cruise control, heated seat and grips, a higher quality interior finish, and gold forks. Additionally, the MyTMax system allows you to connect your smart photo to the TMax Tech Max. That means access to a GPS tracking system should the scooter be stolen, trip reports, low battery alerts, and a wide variety of other functions.


  1. Both the TMax and TMax Tech Max have a choice of two colors. You can go with Iron Grey or Sword Grey on the TMax, with the TMax Tech Max coming in Sword Grey and Tech Kamo, which is exclusive to the TMax Tech Max.


  1. The 2020 Yamaha TMax and TMax Tech Max scooters will appear in European dealers in December.

    Photography by Matthijs van Roon

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