2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty + Scout 100th Anniversary First Ride Review (10 Fast Facts)

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty and Scout 100th Anniversary First Ride Review

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary - MSRP
2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary First Ride

Indian Motorcycle has been on a tear lately, and the Minnesota-based company doesn’t seem to be letting off the gas anytime soon. America’s first motorcycle company is steeped with a rich history and is spot-on for celebrating its past. Capitalizing on a storied legacy in flat track racing, Indian has smartly revived their flat track efforts, and are writing new pages in the history books as we speak with their new Wrecking Crew.

Success in flat track racing has been translating to sales of its new FTR 1200. In 2020, Indian is crossing another significant milestone with the 100th anniversary of the Scout. 100 years! While the Scout hasn’t been in continuous production, the fact that the Indian Scout was produced in 1920 and a new 2020 Indian Scout is rolling off the production floor 100 years later, is still pretty cool.

To celebrate this milestone, Indian is launching two new Scout models for 2020—the Scout Bobber Twenty and the limited-edition Scout 100th Anniversary. A quick one-day ride of the two Scouts in sunny Southern California gave me a too-brief taste of these motorcycles.

1. Two new models highlight the 2020 Scout lineup, paying homage to the 100-year legacy of the iconic Indian Scout—The Scout Bobber Twenty and the Scout 100th Anniversary. After getting a chance to ride both bikes, I found the 100th Anniversary to be more comfortable for my 6’ 2” frame—maybe there is something about the “beach bars” that made me feel at home.

2. A 100th anniversary is a big deal. When a brand can tout a centennial, that speaks volumes to the staying power of a product. When it is America’s first motorcycle company, a tribute to the 1920 Scout is warranted. “100 years is an incredibly special milestone,” Vice President for Indian Motorcycle Reid Wilson said, “and it made perfect sense to honor Scout’s history and legacy with these two heritage-inspired 2020 models.”

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary - cruiser motorcycle
2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary

3. The Scout 100th Anniversary model will be limited to 750 units globally. Get ’em while you can. This will likely be a collectible motorcycle.

4. The “Twenty” in Scout Bobber Twenty also pays honors the original 1920 Scout, as do several of the motorcycle’s unique features, including wire wheels and a floating saddle. The 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty delivers old-school bobber style with relaxed ergonomics. Visually, the Scout Bobber Twenty has an old-school mix of chrome and blacked-out finishes, with a 10-inch ape-hanger handlebar. The Twenty comes in three colors in the ABS version—Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke, and Burnished Metallic. If you don’t want ABS, you will be riding a Thunder Black motorcycle.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty - Price
2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty First Ride

5. Previous Indian Scout models will be returning. In addition to the two new heritage-inspired Scout models, the 2020 Scout lineup also includes the return of Scout, Scout Bobber, and the smaller-displacement Scout Sixty. All 2020 Bobbers are shod with new Pirelli MT 60 RS tires, while the standard version is the only Scout that can take a passenger.

6. All 2020 Scouts receive key feature upgrades. Upgrades include new floating rotors, calipers, and master cylinders for improved braking performance. While the brakes might not have the bite of a dual disc setup, the new braking system adds to a slightly more planted feel during deceleration compared to the 2019 model.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty - MSRP
2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

7. New touring accessories announced to help for longer Scout rides. A brand new, color-matched quick release fairing with a two-inch windshield is available for all model years of Scout and Scout Sixty. For more protection, five- and seven-inch windshields are in the catalog. Riders can add a luggage rack—available in chrome and, now in gloss black—and a solo rack bag. Before the end of 2019, new semi-rigid quick-release saddlebags can be had from Indian.

8. New Indian Motorcycle performance exhaust and muffler options are added. With a claimed 10 percent increase in horsepower, the new options include the Stage 1 2-into-1 full exhaust system and the Stage 1 shorty slip-on muffler kit. Both come in either chrome or matte black.

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary - MSRP
2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary First Ride

9. 2020 Scout models with ABS will be available in several new colors. Check out our 2020 Indian Scout Lineup First Look story for a full rundown of the colors and prices of the 2020 Indian Scout lineup.

10. The 2020 Indian Scout range is arriving at US dealerships now.

Action photography by Barry Hathaway

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