2020 Indian Scout Lineup First Look: Prices, Colors, and Photos      

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary for sale
100th Anniversary

2020 Indian Scout Lineup First Look: Celebrating 100 Years

This is a big year for the Indian Scout—it is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the original Scout model.

There are two new Indian Scout motorcycles for 2020, bringing the total to five models.

All versions of the 2020 Indian Scout have braking updates that include new floating rotors, calipers, and master cylinders.

Let’s take a look at every iteration of the 2020 Indian Scout.

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary

Only 750 examples of this model will be produced. The paint is the striking Indian Motorcycle Red that defines the brand, augmented by Anniversary Gold trim. The 100th Anniversary edition gets a tan leather solo seat, black wire-spoked wheels, beach-bend handlebar, a luggage rack, and a Scout 100th Anniversary badge, along with a healthy dose of eye-catching chrome.

The 2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary runs $15,999 and is the most expensive model in the Scout lineup.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty
Bobber Scout Twenty

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

This version of the Bobber has relaxed ergonomics, thanks to the 10-inch Ape-Hanger handlebar. Again, the solo saddle and wire-spoked wheels give the Scout Bobber Twenty a purposeful look, as does the contrasting chrome and blacked-out presentation.

The 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty is available in Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke, and Burnished Metallic. If you don’t want ABS, Thunder Black is your only option. For $11,999 MSRP, you can get the 2020 Indian Scout Bobber without ABS. If you don’t like Thunder Black, you’ll be paying $13,399.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber
Scout Bobber

2020 Indian Scout Bobber

There are new Pirelli MT60RS tires on the Scout Bobber, and the Bobber Twenty also gets this Pirelli rubber. The non-ABS version of the 2020 Indian Scout Bobber comes in Thunder Black only.

If you want ABS, you can still have Thunder Black, but you can also get the new Deepwater Metallic color, along with the returning White Smoke, Bronze Smoke, and Thunder Black Smoke. $10,999 gets you the non-ABS 2020 Indian Scout Bobber, while it takes $12,399 for the most expensive paint.

2020 Indian Scout for sale

2020 Indian Scout

In addition to the new brakes that every Scout gets, the significant changes for the 2020 Indian Scout are the new sport seat and passenger pegs. This makes the standard Scout the instant choice of a rider who wants to bring a passenger along. Thunder Black is what you get if you decide ABS isn’t for you.

ABS-equipped Scouts have three new colors—Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream with God Pinstripes, Metallic Jade over Thunder Black, and White Smoke. Returning are Metallic Jade and Thunder Black. The least expensive version of the 2020 Indian Scout is the non-ABS model, and it has an MSRP of $11,499. At the top of the price range are the multi-color paint jobs at $13,399.

2020 Indan Scout Sixty
Scout Sixty

2020 Indian Scout Sixty

With 78 horsepower, 60 cubic inches, and a five-speed transmission, rather than the Scout standard 69 cubic inches, 100 horsepower, and a six-speed gearbox, the Indian Scout Sixty is a compelling option for urban riders.

For 2020, the Indian Scout Sixty with ABS has a three paint choices—Thunder Black, Burgundy Metallic, and Pearl White over Titanium Metallic. The non-ABS edition is available only in Thunder Black. 2020 Indian Scout Sixty prices start at $8999 for the ABS-free version on up to $10,799 for the two-color treatment.

A wide variety of accessories are available for the 2020 Scouts. For the touring crowd, there are bags and a fairing. Accessory exhausts, seats, and mirrors can give a Scout a personal look. For additional information, visit Indian Motorcycle.

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