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Dainese Torque D1 Out Air Motorcycle Boots Review

The Dainese Torque D1 Out Air motorcycle boots are designed with racing in mind, yet are fully capable of street work. As a result, they are highly protective, yet remain comfortable. The Out portion of the name refers to the boots being designed to be worn with racing leathers or riding pants tucked inside.

The rear zipper is the only closing system on the Dainese Torque D1 Out boot. Coupled with the tongued rear-entry into the boot, it makes it very easy to put on and take off. There is nothing to fiddle with, yet the boot feels nice and secure when on. Velcro adjusters at the top of the boot allow the opening at the top some leeway for those of us with bigger calves—it’s a nice feature on an ‘out’ style boot.

The supple leather upper incorporates redesigned flexible ankle hinges and a large, flexible bellow joint down the front of the boot. These help prevent ankle injury by giving better torsion control (reducing the amount of twist) in an accident, and yet the boot still allows plenty of movement. So safety is improved, yet I always found plenty of feel at the foot levers. Helped by the flexible reinforced shift pad, gear changes are always positive with no missed shifts or undue pressure on the lever and quickshift switch. The flexibility and feel of the Torque D1 boots are also valuable when gently finessing the rear brake while mitigating wheelies.

A microfiber inner boot ensures a good quality fit, and the boot feels soft inside when on. With the rear tongue, the Torque D1 boots are easy to put on and take off, and although they’re angled slightly forward for ideal feel when riding, the Torque D1 boots are still comfortable enough when walking. I never had to hobble into my lunch stop midway through my ride.

The leather uppers are flexible and robust, and the thermoplastic protective guards have several non-adjustable vents. Sharp-eyed readers will note the ‘Air’ logo on the boots shown, and Dainese offer both versions of the Torque D1 for the same price. The difference in ventilation between the two is both the air canal system and the material is different, so the Torque D1 Air allows better airflow as well as being slightly lighter. Dainese tell us that the next version of the Air will also have a perforated upper.

Yet even without that, the Torque D1 Air manages the Southern California summer well. Although I tend toward hot feet, I was never troubled or particularly sweaty. If coolness is near the top of your priority list, then I can safely say these boots get the job done well.

The rubber sole has TPU inserts and provides a secure grip on the footpegs and when flatfooted at a stop. The nylon heel features TPU inserts, a protective nylon inner shell, and a reinforced nylon toe to give the boot strength and help it maintain its integrity and ability to protect your feet as needed.

The magnesium front sliders are replaceable, and a small setscrew wrench is supplied if you need to swap them over.

I had a bizarre incident on the street when closely following a friend I was trying to video. A combination of unfortunate factors caused him to cut back across my line with me then rear-ending/sideswiping him. Our motorcycles locked together, and we just managed to stay upright. We were, however, forced across the road on to a (fortunately) convenient run-off area.

The only damage was to my left (previous gen) Dainese D1 Out Air boot where the Multistrada’s passenger footpeg mount cut through the Dainese D-Stone fabric almost to my ankle. Amazingly, my foot was not broken, and the bruising was minimal; a testament to the integrity and astonishing toughness of Dainese boots.

Overall, the Dainese Torque D-1 Out boots (also available as In boots) are beautifully evolved pieces of technical protective gear that are comfortable to wear, extremely simple to put on and take off, and also fully protective.

Dainese Torque D1 Out Air Boots Fast Facts
Sizes: 39-47 (Euro)
Color: Black/Anthracite; Black/White/Lava-Red
Dainese Torque D1 Out Air Boots Price: From $300/pair MSRP

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