SportBike Chic Tank Purse Review: For On-The-Go Women

SportBike Chic Tank Purse Review: On and Off The Motorcycle

As every woman knows, sometimes you need to carry a voluminous tote bag to corral all your necessities. Other times, a simple clutch will get it done. We’ve got all manner of purses in a variety of sizes and shapes, but what does a girl do when she’s on two wheels? Enter the SportBike Chic Tank Purse, an understated, sleek alternative to backpacks, messenger bags, and fanny packs.

Constructed of heavy, water-resistant polyester, the SportBike Chic Tank Purse attaches to a motorcycle’s tank via built-in magnets in the body of the purse, as well as two magnetic flaps that straddle the tank. Once connected to the tank, the Tank Purse is firmly affixed and does not shift on the tank even at full freeway speeds.

The beauty of the Tank Purse is in its easy functionality. Once positioned on the tank, the purse sits unobtrusively and securely. When you arrive at your destination, unzip the top of the purse, pull out the shoulder strap and clip it to the D-rings at the top of the bag. Peel the Tank Purse off the tank, fold the magnetic flaps against the back of the bag, and throw the purse over your shoulder. It takes less than half a minute—off you go with all your essentials, handsfree, and looking sharp.

The Tank Purse is well thought out and designed with organization in mind. The main compartment is a useful eight by ten inches, and three inches deep. Within this space, there are several pockets that will accommodate a smartphone, wallet, and tablet. There are two zippered pockets on the outside of the SportBike Chic Tank Purse that allow easy asses for keys, a pass case, or whatever you want to keep at the absolute ready.

As someone who rides all genres of motorcycles, I like that the Tank Purse does not pigeonhole me. Once I walked away from the motorcycle with the bag slung across my body, no one would know I arrived on two wheels—except for the helmet I might be carrying.

There are two included shoulder straps that you can choose from. The narrow strap has been my go-to choice, though there is a wider strap that comes with an adjustable shoulder pad. The zippers function smoothly, and all hardware has a pleasing feel.

I discovered an interesting side benefit of the magnetic SportBike Chic Tank Purse the first day I took it to work. I was able to slap the bag to the side of the filing cabinet next to my desk, giving me an easy place to park it that wasn’t in the way. It looks pretty cool, with its low-key embroidered SBC logo and clean lines. At the end of the day, I slid my iPhone X into the phone pocket, added a few items I’d pulled out for the day, and threw the bag over my shoulder.

The Tank Purse won’t be all things to all riders—it won’t attach to a tank with a plastic cover, for instance. Instead, it fills that gap when a backpack isn’t necessary, and jacket pockets or a fanny pack won’t get it done. That it can so easily convert to a chic-looking shoulder bag once you’ve arrived at your destination is the magic of the Tank Purse.

SportBike Chic Tank Purse Fast Facts

Color: Black

Dimensions: 8” x 10” x 3”

SportBike Chic Tank Purse Price: $99 MSRP (introductory price)