2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results and Coverage (8 Fast Facts + Video)

2019 Indianapolis Supercross Coverage and Results

2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results:

Musquin Takes First Win of Season

On a highly technical one-line track, Marvin Musquin took the holeshot and his first win of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship season. Musquin led a KTM sweep of the podium, with Blake Baggett finishing ahead of series leader Cooper Webb in the 26-lap Main Event. Musquin cuts Webb’s lead to 14 points with six rounds remaining, while Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen lose ground to Webb.

2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results and Coverage - Marvin Musquin
Marvin Musquin celebrates with a heel-clicker.

  1. Marvin Musquin won it with a holeshot and riding his own race. After getting the holeshot on the 45-degree left-hander at the start, Musquin (Red Bull KTM) put in a dozen laps in the 48s to establish a cushion. From there, Musquin clocked in 49s and 50s for the next 14 laps. It wasn’t a spectacular win, and Musquin only had to fend off a single serious mid-race charge from Baggett on his way to a 2.4-second victory margin. The win allows Musquin to separate himself from Tomac and Roczen, as both finished off the podium.

  1. Cooper Webb had two major errors, but recovered from both to land on the podium. After a top-five start, Webb (Red Bull KTM) was in the mix for the win with Musquin, Baggett, Tomac, and Joey Savatgy. A quick pass of Baggett on lap 2 allowed Webb to settle in and work toward the front. However, Webb stalled his motor when the back end kicked up going into a corner, costing him five seconds on lap 7, despite having electric start. On lap 16, Webb cross rutted going into a 180-degree lefthander, landed on the Tuff Blocks, and inadvertently turned it into a pass of a startled Tomac for P3. Webb was never a serious challenger for the win, as he dropped into the 49s as early as lap 8, and later turned a couple of 51s. Webb finished nearly three seconds behind Baggett.

  1. In the middle of the race, Blake Baggett looked like it might be his night. Like Musquin, Baggett (Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM) turned in a series of 48s early and then dropped into a consistent run of 49s and 50s. The design of the track rewarded accuracy and patience rather than aggression, so it was difficult to make up more than a few tenths-of-a-second per lap. Baggett’s one move on Musquin was rebuffed, and Baggett lost ground in the process. From there, Baggett was keeping Musquin honest, though never challenging Musquin. At the same time, Webb was held comfortably at bay by Baggett. Baggett’s fourth podium of the year gives him a solid 21-point lead over Dean Wilson in the battle for P5 in the Monster Energy Supercross Championship Standings.

    2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results and Coverage - Baggett, Tomac, Webb
    Baggett leads Tomac and Webb.
  2. For the third time this year, Eli Tomac followed a win with an off-podium performance. Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) looked like a podium threat early. He sat in P3 behind teammate Savatgy for the first six laps, though Musquin built up a safe three-second cushion when Savatgy faltered and Tomac went by. Webb’s unintended pass of Tomac on lap 16 was pivotal, as Baggett got by earlier in the lap, dropping Tomac from P2 to off the podium. Tomac slipped into the 49s by lap 8, and hung around the leaders until lap 18. From there, Tomac’s lap times rose to the 51s and 52s, dropping Tomac to 20 seconds behind Musquin at the finish. Tomac appears unable to build momentum in 2019, and is now P3 in the standings, 21 points behind leader Webb, and seven points back of Musquin. Tomac’s title run is slipping away.

2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results and Coverage - Webb passes Tomac
Webb passes Tomac as Baggett escapes.

  1. With his second P8 finish in a row, Ken Roczen’s shot at the title is slim-to-none. Roczen (Team Honda HRC) never got going at Lucas Oil Stadium. He qualified in P10, and finished P3 in his Heat behind Musquin and Heat winner Wilson. Roczen was eighth off the start and never moved from that position the entire Main Event. Roczen reeled off a few 49s during the night, and never dropped into the 48s. It was almost all 52s and 53s for the final seven laps of the Main as Roczen finished 43 seconds behind Musquin. Roczen is now more than an entire race behind Webb in the standings after four consecutive non-podium finishes. Also, Roczen is still searching for his first win since 2017.
  2. Having recovered from a concussion that kept him off the track for two rounds, Justin Barcia stormed back with a P5 finish—his best since his opening round victory. Barcia (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing) didn’t look good in qualifying, slotting himself in P14. A mediocre P5 finish in his Heat didn’t point to a great night. However, Barcia sat in P6 early and inherited P5 when Savatagy went down on lap 7. Barcia held onto the spot, though he was nowhere near Tomac.2019 Indianapolis Supercross Coverage and Results

  1. Joey Savatgy had to be thinking “what if?”. Running in P2 for the first six laps, Savatgy (Monster Energy Kawasaki) was keeping Musquin honest. However, he overjumped the finish line and crashed after landing on the Tuff Blocks. The mistake cost Savatgy 10 seconds and four positions. Otherwise, Savatgy had a solid outing and sits P8 in the Monster Energy Supercross Championship Standings—the best rookie of 2019, by far.

  1. Rookie Zach Osborne is settling in after his injury-delayed season start. Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) has gone 6-7 at the last two rounds, so it looks like he has his footing in the 450SX class. It’s a big turnaround, as Osborne went 22-10-22 in his first three 450 rides this year.

  1. Seattle is next week, and that is always an unknown. Right now, it’s looking like rain next Saturday at the open-air CenturyLink Field. That matters because Webb struggled to a P8 finish at the mudfest at San Diego’s Petco Park, while Musquin finished in P2. If that repeats, the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series all of a sudden gets very close. Fans of cable TV will be pleased to know that the Seattle round will be broadcast live on NBCSN. Don’t forget to consult our 2019 Supercross Television Cable and Streaming Schedule.Photography by Simon Cudby et al.

2019 Indianapolis Supercross Results, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN­

  1. Marvin Musquin (KTM)
  2. Blake Baggett (KTM)
  3. Cooper Webb (KTM)
  4. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)
  5. Justin Barcia (Yamaha)
  6. Joey Savatgy (Kawasaki)
  7. Zach Osborne (Husqvarna)
  8. Ken Roczen (Honda)
  9. Dean Wilson (Husqvarna)
  10. Justin Brayton (Honda)
  11. Chad Reed (Suzuki)
  12. Cole Seely (Honda)
  13. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
  14. Justin Hill (Suzuki)
  15. Justin Bogle (KTM)
  16. Kyle Chisholm (Suzuki)
  17. Mike Alessi (Honda)
  18. Chris Blose (Husqvarna)
  19. Cedric Soubeyras (Husqvarna)
  20. Adam Enticknap (Suzuki)
  21. Ben Lamay (Honda)
  22. Ryan Breece (Yamaha)


2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Standings (after 11 of 17 rounds)

  1. Cooper Webb, 243 points (5 wins)
  2. Marvin Musquin, 229 (1 win)
  3. Eli Tomac, 222 (3 wins)
  4. Ken Roczen, 216
  5. Blake Baggett, 184 (1 win)
  6. Dean Wilson, 163
  7. Chad Reed, 149
  8. Joey Savatgy, 141
  9. Justin Brayton, 140
  10. Justin Barcia, 138 (1 win)
  11. Cole Seely, 128
  12. Aaron Plessinger, 123
  13. Justin Bogle, 96
  14. Justin Hill, 96
  15. Tyler Bowers, 79
  16. Vince Friese, 65
  17. Kyle Chisholm, 64
  18. Ben Lamay, 54
  19. Zach Osborne, 48
  20. Jason Anderson, 46
  21. Alex Ray, 33
  22. Cole Martinez, 29
  23. Carlen Gardner, 26
  24. Chris Blose, 25
  25. Malcolm Stewart, 17
  26. Mike Alessi, 16
  27. Ryan Breece, 13
  28. Cedric Soubeyras, 12
  29. Shane McElrath, 11
  30. Ronnie Stewart, 9
  31. Cheyenne Harmon, 6
  32. Theodore Pauli, 5
  33. Daniel Herrlein, 5
  34. Justin Starling, 4
  35. Cade Autenrieth, 4
  36. Angelo Pellegrini 4
  37. Adam Enticknap, 3
  38. Casey Brennan, 3
  39. Austin Politelli, 3
  40. AJ Catanzaro, 3
  41. Scott Champion, 2
  42. Jared Lesher, 2
  43. Heath Harrison, 1