Gear / Parts TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review (Urban Motorcycle Boots)

TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review (Urban Motorcycle Boots)

TCX Hero Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review

Part of the Cafe Race/Vintage collection from TCX Boots, the Hero Waterproof boot is a sleek, elegant, traditional workman-style boot with a fair amount of protection baked in. Headquartered in Montebelluna, Italy, northeast of Venice, TCX has been making motorcycle footwear since 2000.

Beginning with the exterior, the TCX Hero Waterproof boots feature full-grain leather that will surely offer up a decent amount of abrasion and puncture protection for normal street riding. The brown color option’s leather is brought to a high-shine with an excellent finish, which will undoubtedly help you class up your riding ensemble, even if your personality won’t.TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review - Brown, Black

The downside to this finish, if you’re one to fret over a little bit of character on your kit, is that it’s subject to patina, especially in areas that contact the bike. I, for one, enjoy a bit of wear and tear, and it can be remedied with some boot polish, lickety-split.

Meeting the footpegs is a grippy rubber sole, secured to the boot with traditional stitching. The notch in the arch works well on bikes with forward controls or when coupled with highway pegs. Grip on more modern footpegs is aided by a relatively wide tread that manages to anchor itself well. Although the sole is relatively thick, it remains pliable and still allows for good feel on the bike; shifting and braking won’t be guesswork with these.TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review - right front

My first requirement with casual riding boots is a comfort, and this is where the Hero Waterproof steps out against the competition—even boots within TCX’s lineup. The interior is plush and luxurious, making them great for all-day wearing, on or off your motorcycle. The comfort is commendable and most likely due to how flexible the boots are, though only in the areas where it counts.

Thanks to the sole and nifty features such as the accordion panel near the Achilles tendon, the Hero is maneuverable without feeling inadequate for motorcycle use. If you happen to use a custom footbed, the Hero boots will accommodate you.TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review - price

The TCX Hero Waterproof boots are equipped with toe, heel, and malleolus counters, should you go for a nasty tumble. Sure, you could skimp out of use some off-the-shelf work boots, but these are the crucial features you’ll be missing out on, including CE certification for motorcycle use. In all, the strikers give the Hero a solid feeling, without detracting from movement.

For those who ride in inclement weather, the Hero Waterproof boots feature a waterproof liner. I’m happy to report that it is breathable and doesn’t create a swampy feeling in warmer weather that some liners can cause.TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Review - for sale

Everything is tied together with a typical lace system, which allows for fine tuning. The Hero’s vertical zipper, which is invisible when riding, enables you to pull them on and off quickly—much more convenient than a lace-only system.

Whether you’re going to speed off on your café racer to the local eatery, spend some time on the open road on an American V-twin, or wave to onlookers while piloting the latest delicious retro motorcycle, the TCX Hero Waterproof boots serve you well.

Action photography by Gareth Harford and Chippy Wood

TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Fast Facts

Sizes: US 4-14; Euro 36-48

Colors: Brown, Black

TCX Hero Waterproof Boots Price: $250 MSRP

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