Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy | 10 Fast Facts

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy riding Ducati

Some Top Tips on Motorcycle Riding Italy from Tour Operator Leod Escapes

1. Riding through little stories

Everyone wants to ride Italy. It’s the timeless essence that gets you more than it’s beauty. It’s not just the old and the quaint but the character of the Italians that endures generation after generation. Everywhere you see signs of a passionate life, lived through tragedy and joy. The curves of the centuries get repaved, the same stories get retold with modern props but it’s still Italy.

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy beauty2. Italian Culture is best navigated by an Italian

In a country driven by passion rather than procedure or work ethic, Italy is a where relationships and charm influence people more than money or pride. A competent guide who can navigate these emotional waters can get you things you normally wouldn’t. If you’re going to do it without one remember you’ll get much more out of an Italian by brightening their day than by complaining.

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy food3. The food is about enjoying life

Get off the tourist trail and it’s really hard to have a bad meal. Even the simplest dishes are prepared with such skill that they are a revelation of flavor. Dinner is a 4 hour social ritual, enjoy it slowly.

4. Rome is a tourist trap worth seeing

Your better flight deals are in and out of Rome. That means there’s also good fleets of rental bikes there to. Never get on a rental bike right after an International flight. Rome is the perfect city for walking off jet lag.

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy riding Ducati5. You can’t see it all, go for depth not breadth

This advice goes for any country. Some organized tours will offer you a bland buffet of 50 trophy destinations in two weeks. To do that you have to hit lots of highway miles and miss the great curvy backroads. You’ll be riding the route of a tacky bus tour and you’ll miss the real Italy. Pick a region and enjoy it like a rider should. You’ll probably come back a few years later and do a different region.

6. MotoGP and Italians

Italian racing fans are something special. At Leod Escapes some our tours include two days at MotoGP but even when they don’t we make sure we’re at a bar together with Italians when MotoGP is on. You are a motorcycle fanatic, connect with your fellow fans while in Italy.

7. Italians drive aggressively and expect you to do the same

Italian drivers aren’t “crazy”. On the whole they are talented, just rather aggressive. An Italian driver in an emergency situation will usually turn the wheel rather than hit the brake. Most drivers grew up on bikes and scooters and will make room for you to split the lane… they will be confused if you don’t take them up on it.

8. Yes you should visit Ducati

Even if you aren’t a Ducati fan, a tour of the Ducati factory is fun and interesting. When was the last time you went to a motorcycle factory anyway. You’ll need to try to reserve a time so contact them here.

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy ducati factory9. When something is in demand you reserve early

No matter how you do Italy if you want to save money reserve flights early. See our tips on airfare here. Also rental bikes can be in short supply during popular months and especially during MotoGP.

10. How do you want to do Italy?

At Leod Escapes we do a tour with track time on Mugello or tours with MotoGP at either Mugello or Misano that you can see here. If you want just pure sport touring either guided or GPS guided we recommend “Hear the Road” Motorcycle Tours Italy ( If you just want to rent a bike and wing it then Leod Escapes favorite supplier in Italy is HPMotorrad.