Spidi Originals Tex Limited Motorcycle Jacket Review

Spidi Originals Tex Limited Motorcycle Jacket Review

Spidi Originals Tex Limited Jacket Review: More Panache

Spidi has been in the business of producing attractive protective wear for racers hitting the circuits since 1977, making sure that we all at least appear to be as fast as MotoGP and WorldSBK stars.

In the US market, Spidi is building a reputation on technical gear serving plenty of motorcycle segments at home in the canyons, trails, or track. Now, the Italian company’s Spidi Originals lineup is working on pleasing riders who reach for gear with more panache than average.

Spidi Originals Tex Limited Motorcycle Jacket ReviewTrue to its name, the Originals Tex Limited jacket is a limited edition of Spidi’s standard Originals Tex, with a few keen updates to make it unique. At a glance, the Tex Limited is a classically styled workman’s jacket that serves as a trusty moto-centric piece of gear, while also blending in flawlessly as a great fashion piece.

Constructed out of a heavy, waxed-cotton canvas, the Spidi Originals Tex Limited requires no break-in. With its distressed look, the jacket has a patina that comes off as authentic—not overdone by any means. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume it was a well-loved hand-me-down.

Branding is something I tend to knock on jackets, as it can quickly become cloying to the senses. In truth, Spidi has quite a bit of it throughout the Tex jacket. However, it all seems fitting with the motif that they’re going for. and Spidi has used some of its vintage logos to make it something that looks almost custom, all of which are stitched incredibly well. My favorite patch is the Spidi cat patch on the left shoulder.

There is an attention to detail found throughout this jacket that is rarely seen on more fashionable moto jackets. On the collar, a small Spidi cat logo branded button is pinned on, and some of the other snaps feature the same quaint kitty logo. The interior of the jacket features a non-removable, ultra-soft flannel liner that feels a bit more luxurious than your typical mesh liners.

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That same observation can be extended to the corduroy collar on the Spidi Originals Tex Limited jacket, which doesn’t irritate your neck. Popping that collar up when the weather gets dicey is a decent help. Thanks to the waxed cotton, it does have a bit of water resistance should you get caught out in a light drizzle. For real weather, you will want to look elsewhere.

Regarding abrasion protection, the waxed cotton canvas will be your first line of defense. Although not as abrasion resistant as leather, it should serve you well if you happen to take a closer look at the asphalt. The Tex Limited would be a great fit on just about anything that isn’t sport or ADV related, meaning that you’re probably going to be riding at a more casual pace and this level of protection should suffice.

The Spidi Originals Tex Limited jacket is as comfortable as it looks, even though the waxed cotton is stiffer than what you might be used to. Its comfort can be partially attributed to the gussets at the shoulder blades, allowing a good range of movement on and off your motorcycle.

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At the waist, you’ll find two adjusters which will help cinch the jacket down for a customized fit. Internally, there is a drawstring for an extra level of adjustment.

Spidi provides Warrior Lite CE Level 1 armor in the elbows and shoulders. The armor doesn’t bind up and it conforms to your movements well, even after long days in the saddle. While there is a slot for a CE-rated back protector, that’s something you’ll have spring for or rob from another jacket—a bit disappointing.

A heavy YKK zipper acts as the main zipper on this garment and a decently sized flap snaps into place, protecting you from the wind. Because the Spidi Originals Tex Limited jacket is cotton as opposed to leather, it breathes respectably well in hot weather, while also protecting you from wind chill when the temps start to drop. Sporting a simple base layer was about all I needed until the clouds cleared.

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While you might not have all the storage compartments that you find on Spidi’s technical ADV gear, you have more than enough to get by. At the waist are two pockets that are best described as hand pockets.

As they don’t feature snaps or zippers, it’s best to keep precious items out of them while riding. On the face of the jacket are two nicely sized breast pockets and on the interior is a pocket where I tend to stash my phone.

The Spidi Originals Tex Limited motorcycle jacket is dripping with style and features that many motorcyclists will be clamoring for. Spidi has made a unique piece of kit, giving everyone that one-off look without having to dig through the thrift store for something that looks the part, but isn’t when it comes to functionality and protection.

Sure, we know Spidi because of its racing pedigree, but the Originals lineup might be changing that.

Action photography by Kevin Wing

Spidi Originals Tex Limited Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-3XL
  • Colors: Black/Blue; Green; Militar; Khaki
  • Spidi Originals Tex Limited Jacket Price: $350 MSRP