2018 Motocross of Nations Race Results (MXoN Recap)

2018 Motocross of Nations Tomac Takes Charge
Kawasaki's Eli Tomac takes charge

2018 Motocross of Nations Results

For the first time since 2010, the iconic Motocross of Nations – the world’s oldest one-day team motorsports race – was held in America at the famed RedBud MX track in Buchanan, Mich.

Monster Energy says 81,000 fans were present Sunday during the 72nd edition of the Motocross of Nations. Following Saturday’s qualifying, it appeared that the race would come down to some battling between the top three MXoN qualifiers:

  1. The Netherlands (Glenn Coldenhoff Jeffrey Herlings, Calvin Vlaanderen)
  2. Italy (Tony Cairoli, Michele Cervellin, Alessandro Lupino)
  3. France (Dylan Ferrandis, Gautier Paulin, Jordi Tixier)
2018 Motocross of Nations Ferrandis
Yamaha’s Ferrandis

The Netherlands and Italy put up a massive fight, but they couldn’t conquer the reigning MXoN Champion – Team France.

This was France’s fifth-straight MXoN win. Under muddy conditions, France claimed the victory ahead of Italy and The Netherlands.

Though France won, nobody on the team scored a win in any of the three motos. Claiming all three moto wins was the Netherlands – Herlings took the first moto win, and Coldenhoff the second and third moto wins.

2018 Motocross of Nations Barcia
Yaaha’s Barcia

But rider Vlaanderen suffered an eye injury during the first race, dropping the team’s positions dramatically.

The scoring for the MXoN is unique – the least amount of points giving is the winner. The way it works is each first place is awarded one point; second place two points; third place three points, etc.

There are three classes in modern MXoN – MXGP, MX2 and Open. The worst score of these three races is dropped, and the lowest combined score wins.

Speaking after the Motocross of Nations, Ferrandis, who was credited with a 7th in race one and 8th in race two, said: “It is always an amazing experience. I loved it in 2014 and this year also.

“I was expecting a win in the 250s with a top five in the open class but I did the job and showed that on Saturday: I was fastest in warm-up and won the qualifying race. I showed that the team can count on me and that’s the most important thing. It was a great day to win five in a row and for the sixth time in history.”

As for the home favorite, Team USA (Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia and Aaron Plessinger) was hoping for a first win since 2011, but they couldn’t keep up the pace of the Europeans.

2018 Motocross of Nations Tomac
Kawasaki’s Tomac

Team USA finished sixth, a point behind Great Britain and Australia. The latter two teams were tied with 48 points, but Australia was credited fourth due to better standings in each specific race.

“I want to say ‘no, I’m not surprised’,” Ferrandis said of the way the American threat was nullified. “I come from the GPs and I watch them every weekend. I know the level and what the guys can do.

“In America the tracks are awesome, good and fun and the guys in Europe – where the tracks are so difficult, sketchy and with so many different kind of conditions – I think they build better skills and we saw that today. I didn’t win my 250 class today because the others were stronger than me. I’m not surprised. I knew all the teams in Europe would be better.”

Next year the Motocross of Nations heads to Holland, and will take place at the TT Circuit Assen.

2018 Motocross of Nations Results

1. France, 35 Points Overall

  • Gautier Paulin 2-3
  • Dylan Ferrandis 7-8
  • Jordi Tixler 15-32

2. Italy, 37 Points Overall

  • Antonio Cairoli 4-6
  • Alessandro Lupino 5-12
  • Michele Cervellin 10-14

3. The Netherlands, 41 Points Overall

  • Glenn Coldenhoff 1-1
  • Jeff Herlings 1-2
  • Calvin Vaanderen 36-DNF

4. Australia, 48 Points Overall

  • Hunter Lawrence 2-8
  • Mitchell Evans 10-14
  • Kirk Gibbs 14-33

5. Great Britain, 48 Points Overall

  • Ben Watson 4-15
  • Max Anstie 6-13
  • Tommy Searle 10-34

6. USA, 49 Points Overall

  • Eli Tomac 4-7
  • Justin Barcia 9-13
  • Aaron Plessinger 16-18

7. Belgium, 53 Points Overall

  • Clement DeSalle 5-27
  • Jeremy Van Horebeek 6-11
  • Jago Geerts 13-18

8. Spain, 63 Points Overall

  • Jorge Prado 3-3
  • Jose Butron 17-18
  • Carlos Campano 22-22

9. Estonia, 71 Points Overall

  • Harri Kullas 7-12
  • Tanel Leok 12-19
  • Hardi Roosiorg 21-24

10. Germany, 76 Points Overall

  • Max Nagl 8-11
  • Ken Roczen 9-25
  • Henry Jacobi 25-37

11. Canada, 99
12. Sweden, 106
13. Austria, 108
14. Ireland, 127
15. Venezuela, 129
16. Czek Republic, 130
17. Brazil, 137
18. New Zealand, 144
19. Puerto Rico, 175
20. Switzerland, 195

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