2019 KTM SX Two Stroke Lineup: 250 SX, 150 SX, 125 SX

The 2019 KTM SX lineup of two-stroke motocrossers has been updated. Many of the changes are shared among the three KTM SX motorcycles, with a few changes to the 250 SX not given to the 150 SX and 125 SX. Also, the 150 SX and 125 SX get unique changes as a pair.

Let’s go over the new 2019 KTM SX motorcycles for Supercross and Motocross racing.

2019 KTM 250 SX
2019 KTM 250 SX

Changes common to the 2019 KTM 250 SX, KTM 150 SX, and KTM 125 SX

  • Stiffer frame and triple clamp for more straight line stability
  • Updated suspension settings to enhance the stiffer frame
  • WP shock gets redesigned main piston
  • Longer subframe to support the rear fender
  • Longer axle slot in the swingarm to extend wheelbase for more stability
  • A new radiator design sits lower in the frame and improves cooling efficiency
  • New exhaust pipe with more compact dimensions
  • New muffler design extends service interval and reduces weight over 10 ounces
  • The muffler is now mounted on welded brackets
  • There are new settings for the 38mm flatslide carb to reflect the airbox and exhaust changes
  • Traction control and launch control settings revised for increased traction
  • New fuel tank with a 1.85-gallon capacity
  • New bodywork from KTM R&D and Kiska Design allows easier movement on the motorcycle
  • New seat designed to be more comfortable
  • New bar pad has improved mounting
  • New nipple design on wheels for reduced maintenance
  • New plastic plug-in side-stand doubles as fork spacer during transport
2019 KTM 250 SX specs
2019 KTM 250 SX

Changes to the 2019 KTM 250 SX

  • The engine position has been raised one degree for increased turning traction
  • New head stays reduce weight
  • The exhaust port is now machined for improved power valve precision
  • New intake snorkels increase airflow while directing dirt from the filter
  • The water pump casing has been redesigned for increased water flow
2019 KTM 125 SX
2019 KTM 125 SX

Changes to the 2019 KTM 150 SX and 125 SX.

  • New cylinder with an exhaust port is now machined for improved power valve precision
  • New diaphragm steel clutch is narrower and has a lighter action at the lever
  • The transmission is now manufactured by Pankl
  • The intermediate kickstarter gear has an improved seat

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