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TCX Metropolitan Boots test

TCX Metropolitan Boots Review | Ultra-Stylish

It seems like every time I turn around, there are more and more fashionable offerings making their way into the motorcycle world. When it comes to functional motorcycle boots, that statement rings true, especially when we consider the ultra-stylish TCX Metropolitan boot—part of the 2018 Collection’s 24/7 City Business line.

Constructed out of robust full-grain leather, the TCX Metropolitan would be perfectly suited at any classy soirée, work function and, in truth, they’re closest thing to a dress shoe that I own.

TCX Metropolitan Boots Review
TCX Metropolitan boots in action aboard the Triumph Speedmaster

Although this pair of boots could easily pass as formal wear, they are still going to offer ample abrasion protection that the average motorcyclist requires, along with some impact protection. Additionally, these are CE-certified motorcycle boots.

Movement is one of the strengths of the TCX Metropolitan boots, as they allow for good balance between stiffness and support, as well as comfort. When off the bike and walking around, these feel relative to a casual dress boot. Once you’ve laced these up tight, you’ll have a good amount of bracing that doesn’t sacrifice mobility or comfort.

There is plenty of protection to be found in the Metropolitan, especially when we consider who this boot is for—casual and urban riding. Heel and toe boxes will help distribute hits during an unplanned get-off from the bike, protecting the areas of your feet that will most likely be whipped into the terra firma, even during low-speed incidents.

You’ll find malleolus protection on inside and outside of the boot— that’s the bit of your ankle that protrudes out and you’ll be glad to have it should the occasion arise. Additionally, a pliable, but wear-resistant sole will offer protection from punctures, and the occasional peg grind, should you be feeling a bit sporty.

TCX Metropolitan Boots test The interior of the TCX Metropolitan boots have a removable footbed has been used to allow for greater customization. After all, these boots were meant to cater to the rider that needs wear them on and off the bike, so they’ll be spending a lot of time in them. The stock footbed is comfortable, but should you need to upgrade to an orthopedic footed, you’ll have that option as well.

If you’re the type of rider who likes to have shiny pieces of kit, TCX does provided a removable shift-pad protector, just so you won’t have the dreaded shift mark on your left boot. I’m partial to a bit of patina on my boots, so I’ve gone without.

TCX Metropolitan Boots Review for saleIn all, the TCX has done a fine job in creating a boot that offers an adequate level of protection, in a style that undisputedly pleasing to the eye. Should you be a motorcyclist that requires gear with a bit more fashion-flare, the TCX Metropolitan boots offer the casual rider plenty of protection, without raising an eyebrow as to your well-manicured fashion sense.

With a price tag a penny under $200, they cost a bit less than their pure-fashionable equivalent, while offering the protection that benefits all riders.

TCX Metropolitan Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 6-12, US; 39-46 Euro
  • Colors: Dark brown; black
  • TCX Metropolitan Boots Price: $200 MSRP

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