Holiday Gift Ideas from the Motorcycle Tour Guide Leod Escapes

Micro-Start Jump Kit

Holiday Gift Ideas from the Motorcycle Tour Guide Leod Escapes

Bouncing all around the globe leading motorcycle tours does make you very conscious about what to pack. There’s only so much room in your luggage so you want to bring the good stuff.

You’ve undoubtedly got some motorcycling friends you should be buying SOMETHING for. Bear in mind that if this person is also someone you ride with… it’s in your long term interests to stay on this person’s good side. So give generously to your riding family, it could save your life.

Here’s a short run down on a few items we at Leod Escapes ALWAYS pack that are versatile enough that you can buy for just about any rider as a gift.  Note we are giving you direct links for these product, this isn’t about commission or kick backs, this is our unbiased advice to you.

Antigravity Micro-Start Sport

Micro-Start Jump KitTraveling makes you chew through mobile phone battery faster than normal. We always pack backup charging battery but why not choose one that can also jump start a motorcycle… or a car for that matter. Finally, why not choose a brand that clearly supports the powersports industry?

That brand would be Antigravity Batteries and the product for the motorcyclist on the go is the “Micro-Start Sport”. We know from experience that this unit will fully charge an iPhone about 4 times and can jump start a V6 engine car let alone a motorcycle. It’s one of those “travel” items that you end up carrying around even when you are at home. Makes a great gift that can really save the day.

Stop&Go Tubeless Puncture Kit

Stop&Go Tubeless Puncture KitLong miles around the world, we’ve seen our fair share of stranded motorcyclists on lonely roads. We’ve seen the array of silly cheap products that don’t work. Then there’s the evil passing car driver that offers our desperate two wheeled brethren a can of  “fix-a-flat” that only makes matters worse. This kit has saved our image as professional tour guides and also made us the hero of the day more than once. Small businessman William Merriman has been putting these kits together for years and they’re the best we’ve seen.

MyMedic MyFAK

MyMedic MyFAK

We discovered this product when we volunteered to help lead the 2017 Veteran’s Charity Ride, a genuinely worthy charity for your end of the year giving to those in need, here’s the link

You know it, most first aid kits are a joke. A few band aids and a roll of gauze aren’t much help if your riding buddy has road rash, a compound fracture, and is about to go into shock. Enter MyMedic. This company was founded using the settlement money of a good father who’s life could have been saved if a decent first aid kit had been nearby.

His children vowed to do something right with the money and they have.  Any military or civilian medic will be impressed with what they find inside. This is a serious kit that could easily make the difference in the event of a medical emergency.  Every riding group should have one of these, frankly everyone should have one.

VnMSport Compression Top

VnMSport Compression TopWant to know what more and more road racers and track riders are wearing under their leathers? It’s VnMSport. This tiny company has been importing specialty fabric from Italy and sewing under garments specifically cut for motorcyclists.

The fabric is way beyond the junk you find in the athletic or camping store and it slides easily in out out of leathers. This is high tech stuff that wicks away sweat so fast it’s like wearing air-conditioning while you are riding.

The cut is designed specifically to move with your body as you ride without binding, super comfortable and supportive. “So what,” you say, “I’m not a track rider”. Well, perhaps not, but a shirt cut specifically for riding that dries ridiculously quick is also a real help for long range riders without a lot of packing room for extra clothes. This also works better and packs much lighter than one of those “cooling vests” because the evaporative effect lasts all day.  Wash it in the hotel or campsite sink, wring it in a towel and bang you’re ready to go again. This is one shirt we never leave the office without.