Indian 116 Big-Bore Kit for 111 Thunder Stroke: 20% HP Gains (Video)

Indian 116 Big-Bore Kit for 111 Thunder Stroke horsepower

Indian 116 Big-Bore Kit for 111 Thunder Stroke

The horsepower wars between America’s v-twin brands continues, and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. More is always better, especially on 800+ pound cruiser and touring motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson has continually offered big-bore kits across its platforms, including the all-new Milwaukee-Eight. More horsepower is always welcomed for bikes that

The Motor Company’s main rival, Indian Motorcycle, is now entering the big-bore game with the 116 Cubic-Inch Stage 3 Big Bore Kit.

The Stage 3 Performance Kit is compatible with all Indian Motorcycle models (Chief, Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster lineups) that arrive with the Thunder Stroke 111, which in stock form was updated for 2018 to produce 84 horsepower and 110.6 ft/lbs of torque.

Indian 116 Big-Bore Kit for 111 Thunder Stroke horsepowerWith the 116 Stage 3 Big Bore Kit, Indian says customers can expect a 20 percent gain in horsepower, and 15 percent gain in torque for about 100 horsepower and 127 ft/lbs of torque.

The Indian 116 Big Bore Kit is priced at $1999 plus installation, and will be available to order from dealers in December.

“The bagger landscape is seeing more and more emphasis on performance, with more riders looking to get on the throttle and carve corners as they would on smaller bikes, and that’s exactly what the Stage 3 Kit is about,” said Derek Meyer, Senior Category Manager – Indian Motorcycle Accessories.

“Indian’s roots are in performance, innovation and pushing boundaries, and this 116-kit is but one of a variety of new products riders will see from us moving forward, grounded in and driven by Indian’s performance DNA.”

Indian says The 116-Cubic-Inch Stage 3 Big Bore Kit joins Indian’s lineup of performance upgrade kits. Indian’s Stage 1 Performance Air Cleaner and Thunder Stroke High Flow Air Cleaner creates more power and improves acceleration with added air flow, while the Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust Kit delivers a deep throaty exhaust sound in an all-in-one kit for a powerful tone. Additionally, the Stage 2 Performance Cams enhances throttle response and increases greater power across the powerband.

For additional information, visit Indian Motorcycle.

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