Harley Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Kits: Stage I, II, III

Harley Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Kits: Stage I, II, III

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Kits

Harley Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Kits: Stage I, II, III

Harley-Davidson has released three Screamin’ Eagle Performance Products stage kits for its new Milwaukee-Eight platform, which arrive as a 107 and 114. The Milwaukee-Eight platform now has four-valves per cylinder, a 10-percent power increase, and is available as the standard 107 (1750cc), a twin-cooled 107, and a twin-cooled 114 (1870cc).

The Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight kits were designed to add even more power, torque and throttle response without comprising ride quality or reliability.

“Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories has a key advantage over the aftermarket – unmatched knowledge of the Milwaukee-Eight and the ability to engineer performance upgrades during the development of the engine,” said Scott Habegger Director of Portfolio Management.

“Screamin’ Eagle Performance Products are not an after-thought or an add-on for Milwaukee-Eight. These kits were engineered alongside the engine for factory-level quality and fit, which is why only Harley-Davidson dealers can offer 50-state, U.S. EPA compliant Screamin’ Eagle performance parts backed by a factory warranty.”

Following is information on all three Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight kits courtesy of Harley-Davidson:

Screamin’ Eagle Stage I for Milwaukee-Eight = Intake + Exhaust + Tuning Upgrade

Harley Milwaukee-Eight Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner

Stage I is the foundation for further Milwaukee-Eight performance upgrades. High-performance air cleaners and slip-on mufflers flow more air into and out of the engine and produce a 5 to 10 percent average increase in power that riders can feel throughout the entire RPM range. Ideal for riders that want to enhance the performance, look and sound of their motorcycle, Stage I upgrades can be completed without engine disassembly, and no special tools are required.

Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaners for Milwaukee-Eight

Three Screamin’ Eagle performance air cleaner choices for Milwaukee-Eight include a K&N oiled cotton filter element that is washable and reusable.

  • The Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow Air Cleaner (P/N 29400246 Chrome $184.95*, P/N 29400245 Black, $174.95*) filter element hides behind the stock air cleaner cover for a subtle look. The back-plate permits flow around the entire perimeter of the air cleaner and through the ram air opening at the front of the air cleaner cover for maximum airflow.
  • The Screamin’ Eagle Ventilator Air Cleaner (P/N 29400298 Gloss Black, P/N 29400299 Chrome; $299.95*) offers a tapered, low-profile design for enhanced rider leg room. The exposed filter element and a cast back plate are designed to provide maximum air flow to the throttle body. A water repellent rain sock (sold separately) protects the oiled cotton filter element during stormy rides
  • The Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner (P/N 29400263 Chrome, P/N 29400264 Gloss Black; $399.95*) features a low-profile cast aluminum tube that directs air into the throttle body with minimal turbulence for increased efficiency. A new slanted, compact filter shape allows installation on bikes with fairing lowers. The back-plate has integral breathers and covers the throttle body and electronics for a show-quality presentation. A water-repellent rain sock is included.

Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-on Mufflers (P/N 64900552 Chrome, P/N 64900553 Satin Black; $499.95*) designed specifically for the Milwaukee-Eight engine enhance airflow and power by reducing exhaust gas back-pressure and enhancing the effects of wave and inertia scavenging. These 4.5-inch-diameter mufflers have a unique baffle design to produce a richer, deeper tone at idle, part throttle and when accelerating, yet comply with emissions and sound regulations. The muffler end caps are sold separately so customers can choose the style and color they prefer.

Screamin' Eagle Pro Tuner for Harley Milwaukee-Eight Engines

Optimized engine performance with Stage I intake and exhaust system must be accompanied by a new Electronic Control Module (ECM) calibration that tunes the EFI for the new components. The new Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner (P/N 41000008C, $299.95*) is designed to simplify ECM calibration as performance modifications are made. Unlike many aftermarket tuners, the Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner re-programs the motorcycle’s operating system; it isn’t a piggyback system that tries to fool the ECM into adding more fuel or changing the ignition timing. The Pro Street Tuner plugs into the bike’s data port, so no splicing or under-seat hardware is required. The Pro Street Tuner can be used to upload the latest Engine Control Module (ECM) calibrations to match a bike’s state-of-tune. Ideal for real-world street performance applications, the Pro Street Tuner provides adjustability to accommodate bike-to-bike variation and for changes to cams, heads, intake and exhaust while maintaining closed-loop fuel control for optimal fuel economy in the part-throttle operating range. All current street-compliant ECM calibrations are included in the software with unlimited access to future calibrations and free software updates downloadable via the user website.

The Pro Street Tuner stores up to 15 minutes of run-time data that can be downloaded to a PC and viewed and evaluate the bike’s air/fuel ratio, oxygen sensor readings, engine speed and temperature, RPM and vehicle speed, throttle position, spark advance and much more. Diagnostic Trouble Codes can also be viewed and deleted. Unlike other race tuners or engine controllers, the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner is 50-state EPA compliant and does not impact the Harley-Davidson factory warranty coverage.

Screamin’ Eagle Stage II for Milwaukee-Eight = Stage I + Performance Camshaft

Take a Screamin’ Eagle Stage I equipped Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine to the next level with a Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage II Kit. Each kit features a performance camshaft that increases air flow by lifting the cylinder head valves higher and holding them open for a longer period of time than the stock cam, which enables greater intake and exhaust flow.

Screamin' Eagle Performance Cams for Harley Milwaukee-Eight Engines

Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories offers two Screamin’ Eagle Stage II camshaft choices for the Milwaukee-Eight engine to allow riders to focus performance based on riding style. ECM calibration with Screamin’ Eagle® Pro Street Tuner is required for proper installation.

  • The Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage II - Torque Kit (P/N 92500047, $389.95*) delivers on-demand throttle response from low to mid RPM at cruising speed. Installed in the Milwaukee-Eight, this cam produces more than 100 lb-ft of rear wheel torque from 2,500 to 4,500 RPM in Milwaukee-Eight 107 engines, an ideal power band for passing slow-moving vehicles without a downshift and compensating for the weight of a passenger and luggage. Kit components include a Screamin' Eagle SE8-447 cam, adjustable pushrods, pushrod covers, O-rings, and a cam cover gasket.
  • Riders will get an adrenaline-pumping burst of speed from the Milwaukee-Eight engine by installing the Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage II – Power Kit (P/N 92500058, $389.95*). A Screamin' Eagle power camshaft starts to pile on power at 3000 RPM and produces more than 90 rear wheel horsepower from 4,500 RPM to redline in Milwaukee-Eight 107 engines. This kit is ideal for riders who want to ride the bike aggressively while downshifting to lower gears to keep the engine operating in the higher RPM range. Kit components include a Screamin' Eagle SE8-462 cam, adjustable pushrods, pushrod covers, O-rings, and a cam cover gasket.

Screamin’ Eagle Stage III for Milwaukee-Eight = Stage I + Big Bore Pistons and Cylinders

It’s a simple recipe for performance: Increase the size of the engine and you increase power output throughout the entire RPM range. Screamin’ Eagle Stage III kits take a Stage I-equipped Milwaukee-Eight 107 to 114 cubic inches, and the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine to 117 cubic inches.

Screamin' Eagle Head kit for Milwaukee-Eight Engine

Behind a Stage III Kit, touring riders will feel like they are solo even when loaded up with a passenger and cargo. Both kits feature bolt-on cylinders that can be installed without removing the engine from the motorcycle, reducing the required time and complexity of installation. The Stage III Kits include SE 4.075-inch cylinders, forged 11:1 coated aluminum pistons, high-performance piston rings, an SE8-498 camshaft, SE performance valve springs, SE high performance tappets, multi-layer coated head gaskets, and cylinder base and cam cover gaskets. ECM calibration with Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner is required for proper installation.

  • The Screamin' Eagle Stage III Kit for Milwaukee-Eight 107 (P/N 92500056, $1,595.95*) increases compression ratio from 10.0:1 to 11:1, boosts mid-range torque up to 24 percent and delivers up to 39 percent more power when compared to the original equipment engine configuration.

*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes and shipping and labor cost for installation. Prices at local dealerships may vary.

Harley Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Kits price


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